Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mary's Musing's Update

I know I haven't posted in a long time - I seem to have lost my desire to research for the time being.  I'm involved in a few other things at the being my Pampered Chef business and trying to grow it, I also read a lot (54 books so far this year, + the Bible all the way through), and am a little involved in politics (supporting my candidates).  We've had a lot of family issues the last year one being the passing away of my hub's sister, Janet...after being diagnosis-ed with stomach cancer in February and being given 2 months to live, she passed away on September 22.  We were blessed to be able to travel from Phoenix to Long Beach for every month or two to visit her. We were actually in Long Beach the week she passed away (to visit her), her caregiver told us she was waiting to 'go home' (die) until she saw her brother one more time...she died the day after we got there.

My niece in MN had a stroke 10 days ago, after lots of prayers - she's in rehab now and expected to go home this Saturday.  This did not take any time from us, just mention it so you all can keep her in your prayers as she recovers.  She has 2 small children, a very supportive husband, and my sister (her mother) was able to go back to help her during the recovery period.  She won't be able to go back to work for a couple of months, at least.  Lots of rehab work to do, which I won't go into here.

Our highlight of the year is our youngest son is being ordained as a Baptist Preacher in a couple of weeks - we will go there for the service....

We look forward to Thanksgiving with all our biological children....I've been in the holiday type of mood and am ready for the season to come on full force.

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