Tuesday, November 10, 2015


YIKES, almost 3 years since I've last posted!  Age and other things have slowed me down I guess! Anyway, in looking through this Blog I've noted that MANY of the pictures I had posted have disappeared...this doesn't make me a happy camper.  I think it's because of a change in computers.  I've spent a couple of hours 'cleaning up' some of this mess - deleting old posts that have nothing to do with family history.  Once I can find some time, and patience, I will start posting pictures back in the appropriate places.  I now have all my photos in Dropbox (if anyone knows how to easily move those into Blogger I would REALLY appreciate your suggestions).

I have lost some photos in the change of computers (old computer totally wiped out/crashed), although I did save most (thankful for a 'flash drive'.  I still have originals (thankfully) of all old photos I had (before 1940)...THANKFULLY.  I am missing a lot of more recent (mostly 1990 to 2007) - probably about the time we bought a digital camera. I had scanned all photos from 1964 when we married and then tossed them (mainly because the kids made it known they did not want them and threatened to have a bonfire with them at the beach after we died).

Life goes on though - pictures or not.