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Lucie Hays - continued

More newspaper articles and pictures on
 Lucie Hays Coulter and her time with the movie studios of Hollywood dressing and designing
for the movie stars.

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Friday, January 29, 2010


Before you today I bring not one, not two, not three but four young men for your consideration. Each of these four men, some handsome, some not so, has been Missing-in-Action for over 110+ years (these last known pictures below are all dated 1890's). They were all last seen in North Dakota, or thereabouts.  This probably relates them somehow to the Motzko family (maybe by blood relationship, maybe not).  The biggest problem is no one seems to know who saw them last. They all have some commonalities; they all have their own little peculiarities. 

Man  #1 (to your left) is our first unlikely suspect and seems to be in his 40's, tall of stature,with a mustache and very well dressed, he seems to carry a 'well appointed' pocket watch with him at all times. His last place of residence was Grand Forks.

Our next suspects (who may or may not be brothers)...are two good-looking 'boys' probably in their mid-thirties. The one on the left wears a sheriffs badge...but wait on second thought - IS that a sheriffs badge? Or could it be a badge denoting membership in the Masons, Elks, or some other fraternal organization? They stick together - like glue to paper. Where one goes, the other goes. Last seen in Grand Forks ND.North Dakota. 

Our 4th unlikely suspect is a young man - 20's or 30's, well dressed.   I suspect he was the 'ring leader' of this motly crew as he looks so innocent!  Looks to be he'd have all the young ladies drooling over him. Surprise of surprise...he's also from Grand Forks North Dakota.

It is so rumored that these four men were last seen playing poker and watching the dancing gals down at Joe-Bob's Dance hall one Saturday night...a small scuffle insued outside the 'dance hall' as the party was breaking up for the night - and when the sheriff rode up - the four took off like 'bats outta hell' - all running in different directions - and all never to be seen again! Anyone have any clues as to how we might round-up these guys?
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Disclaimer: The story is completely fiction…made up in the mind of the writer. The search for the four men is still on though…four unnamed young men searching for identity.

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Thankful Thursday - Our Beautiful Country

Yosemite, California
New England in the Fall

Over the last 45+ years we've been blessed enough to do some traveling through this great country of ours - both by ourselves and with our children...each time we've gone to a different place I'm amazed at the world God has given us....truly from sea to shining sea the country I live in is the best.   

Psalm 100:4 Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.

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Bess Coulter

  (My paternal grandmother) 

Bess was the second of four children born to Lucie and William HaysBess was born on April 12, 1883.

Bess spent her childhood traveling with her brother and sisters and their widowed mother.  Bess' mother was a seamstress for traveling shows and light opera companies. It was during this time that Bess learned her sewing skills and eventually followed her mother to the movie studios of Hollywood to work dressing the stars. She also worked as an actress.

Bess Coulter married Orvey J Post (b. 1886; d. 1947).  Orvey and Bess had several children - two of the children died in infancy, two of them died as young children.  My father's (Hays) older brother O.J. (I assume his given name was the same as his father's) was still living when Hays was born but died a couple of years later. Orvey left Bess during her pregnancy with Hays but came back 10 (plus or minus) years later leaving another pregnancy for Bess to deal with on her own.  The child was put up for adoption when she was born in 1924.  (note: I have since found this 'child' and she is still living. But that's another post)

Bess Coulter Post died January 11, 1945 in Los Angeles California.

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Lucie Hays - A 'Mother' to the Stars

My paternal great-grandmother - see January 25, 2010 post on her also.

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Lucie Hays

Lucie Hays was born in December 1862 in Frankfort, Kentucky. She was the daughter of A.F.(?) HAYS (1825 – Kentucky). His father was born in Virginia and mother in Kentucky (no other stats on these 3 people at this time).

Lucie Hays married William D. Coulter (approx 1877) in Texas. He died when Lucie was 26 years old. They had 4 children Camillius (male) born in 1881; Bess born 4/12/1883; Harriett born 6/1885; and Haysel 2/1886.

 After William Coulter's death Lucie began supporting her family by making costumes and clothes for a number of light opera companies. She eventually went to work for Universal Studios in 1915. From there she went to Triangle Studios (better known today as Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer or MGM) working in their wardrobe department. She dressed many stars from Jeanette McDonald to Lon Chaney to Mary Pickford. She was called "Mother" by many of the stars - and was considered "Queen" of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Lucie Hays Coulter died in 1936 in Los Angeles California. At the time of her death she had 4 grandchildren, as well as several great-grandchildren.  She was affectionately called 'GrannyGreat' by her grandchildren....what a Great nickname for a great woman!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Dorothy Troyer Haines

Dorothy Troyer (b. 4/5/1913 in Modesto CA; d. 4/19/2004; buried: Holy Cross Cemetery, Pomona CA) was the second daughter of Elmer and Mary Motzko Troyer.  She was the granddaughter of Philipp and Maria Motzko (Polish/German immigrants).  She had one sister Margaret Troyer Post (my mother).

Dorothy Troyer married William Oliver Haines (b.6/17/1906; d. 6/19/1992; buried: Holy Cross Cemetery, Pomona CA) on July 6, 1935; Bill and Dorothy Haines had four children Hilary, Emily, Sylvia and William Jr.

Dorothy was very close to her sister Margaret.  For much of their married lives they lived in the same city, Pomona California, within a few blocks of each other.  As a teenager I can remember walking to my aunt Dorothy's home.  I also remember walking to my grandfather's (mom and aunt Dorothy's dad) home.  In retirement years (as well as before retirement) Bill, Dorothy, Margaret and Hays spent much traveling and camping together.

Bill and Dorothy's family grew to include 21 grandchildren.  The two Troyer girls had 38 grandchildren between them.  A family solidly bound by family relationships and their love of God living in small town California (in those days! not anymore).

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Thankful Thursday - Taking a Sentimental Journey

I've made a commitment with fellow blogger Karri from Maryland to write a post each week entitled Thankful Thursday. We all have tons to be thankful - even if you're in the worst of times.  If you'd like to join us please click on the link and let her know by commenting to her post. 
Hubs and oldest

Daughter and her hubs

Within the realm of what my blog has evolved to (a genealogy blog) I felt it  appropriate to start with my family.  Every day I thank God for the awesome family I have, starting with my husband of almost 46 years, down through my children (Kim and John, Robert, Bill, Jack).  I'm also thankful for the extended family I'm blessed to have - brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins. Some family I never knew I had until recent years (but that's another blog post!).  I praise God for the time I was allowed to have with family members who have gone before me - my mom, dad, my older brother. And I'm most thankful for my ancestors, for without them I would not be here.  

youngest son

Since the first of the year I've been scanning old family photos - most of what I'm doing now is 1964 to present.   It's been slow - mainly because I stop to look, remember, love each picture.  How long has it been since you've looked at past family photos?  We tend to snap photos and then put them away to seldom look at again - take a 'Sentimental Journey' (click on link) through your family pictures.

I have been left a glorious heritage by my ancestors - a heritage of family, values, love, faith.  A legacy that I hope to pass down to my children and others.

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Question of the Day...

My new years resolution this year was/is to scan all my photos and save them to a disk so that my children will each have copies of all pictures.  The biggest issue I've run into with this is - what the heck does one do with all the originals?  I had told myself I was going to throw them out.  But, alas, as my waste basket got fuller and fuller I just could not get the heart to take them to the trash can....I've picked out dozens of them that I think I should keep 'just in case'.  And I still have not emptied the waste basket because I'm thinking about 'do I REALLY want to do this'.

As silly as it may sound I have visions of 100 years from now people looking for something in a land-fill and finding literally hundreds of my photos (maybe 1000's).  These people will then be wondering whose family is this? what happened to them? Stranger things have happened.

I love my digital camera....YEAH no more paper pictures unless I want them. The last 10 years of pictures have been taken with a digital. Seldom did I need to print one out, if someone wanted a copy I'd e-mail it to them and they could print it.   Not only is it easier this way but it also does not take up as much room as boxes of photos.  I've noticed digital cameras are also great because they are all time-stamped.  Who ever invented that idea was a real genius!  Soooo, I guess my question of the day is to those who are in this same process of scanning pictures - what do you do with your printed pictures?

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Margaret Troyer Post

Margaret Troyer (b. June 16,1909 Boise Idaho; d. September 18, 1987 Pomona CA; buried in Holy Cross Cementery).  She was the daughter of Elmer and Mary Troyer, and the granddaughter of Philipp and Maria Motzko (Polish/German immigrants). She had one younger sister Dorothy Troyer Haines.

Margaret Troyer married Hays Coulter Post (b. February 15, 1913 Venice California; d. February 25, 1987, Pomona CA; buried in Holy Cross Cemetery) on October 4, 1941.  They had five children - James Joseph, Mary Dana, Martha Lucille, Hays Christopher, and Susan Dorothy.  She also had 16 grandchildren.

Margaret was a newspaper reporter in Goshen, Indiana as well as Culver City (California) Star News for several years before she married.  Once she had children she gave up her career to become what today is called a SAHM (stay-at-home mom). 

One of mom's favorite hobbies was genealogy and I can remember her mailing off letters to different state and county recorders in search of information.  In my parents retirement years they would take their camper and travel to different areas to research additional information, visit cemeteries, or check out a town that would come up in her research - obscure places like Bermidji MN and Uvaldi TX.   This was before the much easier things have amazed she would be to see the difference.  She left me a myriad of information to carry on the hobby.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Madness Monday - Unidentified Photos

If anything can drive a person mad it's unidentified photos that you are 99.9% positive are part of your family.  I've got many of those, more than a couple dozen.  I'm going to start posting them here so that family members and others can help identify them...

The first one I'd love to positively ID is the little cutie on the top right.  I THINK it's my mother Margaret Troyer Post or my aunt Dorothy Troyer Haines.  I found it in an old photo album belonging to my mother.

The photo on the left is used for comparison.  These children  have been positively identified as Dorothy (younger). The right photo was taken in 1914 (approx).

The second unidentified photo (on bottom right) I'm also assuming are my aunt and mother...ages look right (about 4 years apart in age).  It was also found in my mother's photo album.

I have no other photos of these two to compare these with.  The next pictures I have of my mom were when she was graduating from high school.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Philipp and Maria Motzko Family Recap

(note: picture is dated 1896 two children are missing - Frances and Philipp Jr. had not been born yet)

Well, I finally finished the Philipp and Maria Motzko family!  All posts are in my 2010 blogroll.  Next week I will move forward with the grandchildren of  Philipp and Maria.  Doing my postings on the Motzko family I was surprised to see there were not more grandchildren... 

  1. Catherina had one child Raymond Herman
  2. Johanna had no children
  3. Mary had two children, Margaret Troyer (Post) and Dorothy Helen Troyer (Haines)
  4. Hattie had three children John W. Gleason, Thomas J. Gleason, Mary Ellen Gleason (Normoyle)
  5. Theresa had one child Rena Marie Olsen (Coelho)
  6. Frank had one child Helen Bernice (Kaufman)
  7. Thomas no children (to my knowledge)
  8. John had no children (to my knowledge)
  9. Frances had four children: Susan (Martin Grier), Nola (George Grier), Louis, William
10. Philipp Jr had no children (to my knowledge)

I also found it interesting that each child was born almost exactly two years apart.  I cannot imagine 20 years of being pregnant and/or nursing.  On the other hand if Philipp and Maria had not spent 20 years having children there would be a lot of people not here today....including possibly myself and my children.

It's been a pleasure to research these people.  There is much information still missing although I am still researching.  Special thanks to those who helped gather this information - specifically Greg Gleason (grandson of Hattie), the amount of information he provided is worth its weight in gold.  My mother and her sister (daughters of Mary) also left me a rich inheritance of diaries and photos.  Irreplaceable information.

I truly feel blessed to be a part of the Motzko family.  
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Philipp Martin Motzko Jr

Philipp Martin Motzko Jr (b. 5/13/1899 Idaho; d. 12/20/1979) was the 10th and last child of Phillipp and Maria Motzko. 

Philipp Jr. worked at Mare Island Navy Ship Yard (Solano County) California.  Lived in Vallejo California @ 516 Marin Street.  He married Rosalia Tullos on June 30,1937 in Vallejo, California, where they made they home at 516 Marin Street.  In 1958 Philipp and Rosalia lived in Paradise (Sierra Nevada Mountains, Butte County) California.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010


If I am your child... Please touch me.
Persist; find ways to meet my needs.
Your goodnight hug helps sweeten my dreams.
Your daytime touching tells me how you really feel.

If I am your teenager... Please touch me.
Don't think because I'm almost grown,
I don't need to know that you still care.
I need your loving arms; I need a tender voice.

If  I am your friend... Please touch me.
Nothing lets me know you care like a warm embrace.
A healing touch when I'm depressed assures me I am loved,
And reassures me that I'm not alone.
Yours may be the only comforting touch I get.

If I am your life's partner... Please touch me.
You may think that your passion is enough,
But only your arms hold back my fears.
I need your tender reassuring touch, To remind me
I am loved just because I am me.

If I am your grown-up child... Please touch me.
Though I may have a family of my own to hold,
I still need Mommy's and Daddy's arms when I hurt.
As a parent the view is different; I appreciate you more.

If I am your aging parent... Please touch me.
Hold my hand, sit close to me, give me strength;
And warm my tired body with your nearness.
Although my skin is worn and wrinkled, It loves to be stroked

Don't be afraid.

Please Touch Me!

~Author Unknown~

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 Mary Post Warren

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Frances Rose Motzko

Frances Rose Motzko (b. 3/20/1897 Barnsville, Clay Co, Minnesota; d.10/21/1965 Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho).

Frances married Louis Charles Aulbach (b. 8/1/1900 Plainville, Rooks County, Kansas; d. 4/14/1981 Nampa, Canyon County Idaho) on October 28, 1926 in Caldwell, Canyon County, Idaho.

Frances and Louis had four children,  Susan Rebecca, Louis Phillip, Nola Louise, and William Richard.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

John Joseph Motzko

Born February 2, 1894 John Joseph Motzko (d. 3/22/1956 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., California) was the third boy and eighth child of Philipp and Mary Motzko.  Born in Barnsville, Clay County, Minnesota)

John went to St. Mary's College in Pennsylvania and Marist Seminary in Washington D.C.  While at St. Mary's he played hockey; while at Marist Seminary he played hockey and baseball.  To my knowledge and with the information I have thus far John was the only Motzko to go to college.While his original intent was to become a Catholic priest somewhere along the line he met Helen Sergeant and they married on June 15, 1925.  To my knowledge there were no children.

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Happy 101 Award

I found a fun surprise this morning while checking for new comments. Leslie Ann Ballou  author of Lost Family Treasures presented me with the Happy 101 award!

Along with this award I am suppose to list 10 things that make me happy and then pass the award on to 10 other bloggers.

My ten happy thoughts are:
  1. My God, my faith and my church (is that 3?)
  2. My husband of almost 46 years.
  3. My kids and knowing they are happy.
  4. Spending time with family members
  5. Hooking up with long lost relatives
  6. Finding living relatives I never knew I had.
  7. Spending time with friends both old and new.
  8. Thoughts of eternal life in Heaven
  9. Reading a good book
  10. Thanksgiving - our once a year family get-together
The ten bloggers that I choose to give this award to are:
  1. Polychrones Press (my daughter's blog - she's the one that got me into posting my genealogy info)
  2. Lucie's Legacy 
  3. Random Relatives
  4. Our Twig
  5. We Tree
  6. Family Story Keeping
  7.  AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors
  8. Unknown
  9. Unknown
  10. Unknown
Coming up with 10 was impossible for me as so many I follow have already received this award.  I checked out many new blogs and have a couple of those listed above.  This was harder than posting one of my regular posts!
    Watch your comments to see if this award has been passed on to you!

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    Thomas Anthony Motzko

    I do not have much information on the seventh child of Philipp and Maria Motzko.  I'm hoping by posting this to my blog that some descendants of his can help me fill in the blanks.

    Thomas Anthony Motzko (b. 12/21/1891 Avon, Stearns County, Minnesota; d. 1/10/1938 Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon ;  buried ___________).
    According to his draft card dated July 6, 1917 he was age 26, single and was employed as an undertaker at Sands Funeral and Finishing Company in Victoria, B.C. (Canada).  Mason Sands was the widower of Thomas' sister, Johanna.
    Married in Immaculate Heart Church, Nampa, Idaho. No info on spouse.

    The above is the only information I have on  Thomas Motzko. I do have copies of an 1895 census record showing he was living at home, and a copy of an insurance policy (issued by the Bureau of War Risk Insurance) dated 1/12/1918.  Plus he does show in family photographs taken in the late 1890's. 

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    Sunday, January 10, 2010

    This One's for My Kids!

    All of my children had/have a great love for their I thought I'd take a moment to post a picture or two of their Grandmother Myrtle Warren on a day I wasn't going to write stories, no stats, just pictures today. Grandma's 90th birthday!
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    Saturday, January 9, 2010

    Franz (Frank) James Motzko

    FINALLY a boy joins the Philipp and Maria Motzko family.  Franz (aka Frank) James Motzko        (b. 10/1/1889; d.6/5/1965; buried Cloverdale Cemetery, Boise ID).

    Frank married Martha Viola Volkmer  (b. 5/31/1899 Burlington Iowa; d. 5-28-1979 Boise ID; buried Cloverdale Cemetery, Boise ID) on August 15, 1919 in Boise.  They had one daughter Helen Bernice Motzko.

    Frank joined the army in November 1918, at the recruiting office in Salt Lake City for service in the quartermaster corps as a baker. He was stationed at Camp Lewis Washington and Camp Kearny California (now Miramar Marine Air Station).

    Frank bought an acreage in Marsing, Idaho and started a hardware store there. The store is still there, but is now Marsing True Value Hardware. This store was sold to the Herman (Frank's sister's (Catherine's) husband). There seems to be a little conflict between the descendants of  Frank and Catherine even to this day.

    There is a Motzko Street in the Marsing city limits. Frank and his family still have roots in that area

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     Mary Post Warren


    Friday, January 8, 2010

    Theresa Motzko

    A house of ALL girls thus far as Theresa Motzko (b,10/3/1887; d.10/27/1917; buried: Mt Calvary Cemetery Boise ID ) made her way into the world. Theresa was the fifth child of Philipp and Maria Motzko

    On Monday, September 13, 1915 Theresa Motzko married August Olson (b. 2/22/1884; d.11/9/1953) in an early morning ceremony at the local Catholic church.  A wedding breakfast was served after the ceremony at the home of the bride's mother.

    Theresa was a teacher in both Thatcher and Melba ID public schools.  After getting married Theresa and August (Gus) moved to the groom's farm near Guffey Idaho.  They  had one daughter Rena Marie born  April 10, 1917.

    I do not know the cause of death at this time but within a few months of Rena Marie's birth Theresa died. She was 30 years old.
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    Thursday, January 7, 2010

    Just Pictures (Motzko Family)

    My brain is warped from putting together the info in the last 5 posts. So I'm taking a break and just doing pictures today. MANY MANY thanks to my (2nd or 3rd) cousin Greg Gleason (Hattie's grandson) who sent me most of the information/pictures on disk. He was also kind enough to donate to me a flat bed scanner so that I could put together the info I have on my grandmother Mary Motzko Troyer.

    Any picture you 'click on' with your mouse will enlarge and you will be able to see the picture and the print under each one in a larger view.

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     Mary Post Warren

    Wednesday, January 6, 2010

    Hedvig Lucy Motzko

    Born in Bermidjii MN, Helvig Lucy (aka Hattie) Motzko (b. 10/14/1885 Bermidjii MN; d. 5/3/1963 buried Morris Hill Cemetery, Boise ID) was the fourth child of Philipp and Maria Motzko.

    Hattie Motzko married Thomas E. Gleason (b. 1/29/1878 NV; d. 11/11/1949 ID) September 4, 1912 at St. Paul's Catholic Church in Nampa ID.

    Hattie and Thomas had 2 children - Patrick J. II and Ellen G.

    Visit Hedvig Lucy Motzko revisited for updated information.  Anyone reading this who is related to these people please contact me via this blog...I'll get back to you and we can share tons of additional information.

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     Mary Post Warren

    Tuesday, January 5, 2010

    Mary Motzko

    The third child of Philipp and Maria Motzko was my Grandmother - Mary Motzko. (b. Avon, Stearns County, Minnesota on 9-17-1883; d. 5-19-1953, buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Pomona CA). She suffered from Hodgkin's Disease.

    Elmer David Troyer (b. 9/4/1884; d. 3/27/1963; buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Pomona CA) and Mary Motzko were married on September 10, 1908. They had two daughters Margaret (my mother) and Dorothy Helen.

    After I finish posting about the 10 children of Philipp and Maria I will start doing some 'memory pages'...if anyone has special memories of their ancestors in the Motzko line please e-mail me and let me know.

    Anyone reading this who is related to these people please contact me via this blog...I'll get back to you and we can share tons of additional information.

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     Mary Post Warren

    Monday, January 4, 2010

    Johanna Cecilia Motzko

    Second child of Philipp and Maria Motzko was Johanna (aka Anna) Cecilia Motzko (b. 10-21-1881 Minnesota; d. 3-22-1910 ; buried Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Nampa ID)

    Anna married Mason Charles Sands (b. 5-26-1883 Madison WI; d. 12-17-1976 Victoria B.C., cremation, Royal Burial Park, Saanich B.C.) on 12-2-1908 in Los Angeles CA. Mason and Anna moved
    from Los Angeles to Tucson Arizona in hopes to helping her Tuberculosis. She died in Tucson just a little over a year later. No children to my knowledge. Mason Sands did remarry but I do not have any information on that other than a name. If anyone is in need of that information please contact me.
    Anyone reading this who is related to these people please contact me via this blog...I'll get back to you and we can share tons of additional information.

    © copyright 2010, all rights reserved, Mary Post Warren

    Sunday, January 3, 2010

    Catherina Motzko

    (Note: the 2 additional people in the photo above are Catherine's sister and brother)

    Catherina (aka Kate and Catherine) Motzko (b. 4-23-1879; d. 1-5-1945; buried Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Nampa ID) was the eldest daughter of Philipp and Maria Motzko. She was born in Groschovitz, Prussia. She traveled with her parents from Breman Germany to Baltimore Maryland in 1881 on the ship Leipzig. The family settled in Minnesota and then in Idaho. Catherina had nine brothers and sisters.

    Catherina married Julius A. Herman (b. 4-6-1877 Nebraska; d. 7-10-1945 Idaho; buried Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Nampa ID) on May 3, 1904 in Canyon County Idaho. They had two children, Dorothy Helen (b. 1907 Canyon County ID); d. before 1920) and Raymond H (b. 1909 Canyon County ID). I do not know the dates of birth/death on either of the children. A picture taken in 1909  is the only one I have of Dorothy. Raymond was listed in Catherina's obituary as a surviving son. I do not have any pictures of him. There were two surviving grandchildren mentioned in the obituary but it does not mention names.

    © copyright 2010, all rights reserved, Mary Post Warren

    Saturday, January 2, 2010

    Philipp and Maria (Fietzek) Moczko (Motzko)

    One of my goals for the new year is to scan 45+ years of family pictures. I also have many pictures going back to the 1800's and even further back. I love genealogy and have found a ton of information on family from both and, as well as other similar sites and relations I've 'found' in my research. I've met up with cousins/aunts/uncles that I never would have connected with had it not been for the internet. Mostly these people that I have met are 2nd or 3rd cousins. But on my father's side I found a full-sister that he never knew he had. She is in her late 80's, her children (my cousins) are my age (I ain't telling!!). I will save most of them for a later date. Right now I'd like to center on my mom's side of the family.

    My great-grandparents were born/raised and married in Prussia. In 1881 Philipp (b. 1859; d. 1910; buried Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Nampa ID) and Maria (Fietzek) (b. 5-4-1857; d. 5-7-1927; buried Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Nampa ID) Motzko (changed from Moczko) and their daughter, Catherine (b. 4-27-1879; d. 1-5-1945) left Prussia for Germany, where they took a ship (Leipzig) from Breman and sailed to Baltimore (with a final destination of Minnesota), arriving in United States on June 12, 1881. They settled in Minnesota and then Idaho where he was a farmer and she was a housekeeper...they had a total of 10 children.

    Anyone reading this who are related to these people please contact me via this blog...I'll get back to you and we can share tons of additional information.

    I will be posting blogs in the future about each of the children of Philipp and Maria (changed to Mary when relocating, but I'm calling her Maria for clarity sake)

    © copyright 2010, all rights reserved, Mary Post Warren