Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Treasure: Our Homes - Beautiful Memories

5917 Whitewood, Lakewood California

We moved into the above house in 1970....our oldest child was just 6 years old and was about to start first grade.  There was no changing schools because he went to private school.  Our daughter was 3 and our baby was a year and a half.  Many good times we had in this was the house I remember with the fondest memories.  It was small...only 900+ square feet, had 3 bedrooms and 1 bath.  We added on a sun room/patio room the entire width of the house in the back.  It was great for family parties, girl scout gatherings, and much more.  The kids learned to skate, ride bikes, and could walk to school 2 blocks away.  We were also fortunate to have a park a couple blocks away where they played football, preformed in dance competitions, played softball and soccer.  But, alas, as the kids grew and another older child was added to our home it suddenly became too small for all of us.....soooooo
4411 Arbor Road, Long Beach, California

we took the plunge...sold our home and invested what we made on it in this house.  With 4 children (3 of them teens, 1 pre-teen) we just needed that extra space.  This house was just 3 bedrooms, but it had an extra room off the carport which was used for an extra bedroom, it also had a 2 baths, a family room, dining room, and a living room!  At 1800 square feet we had all kinds of extra space.  We had two large patios, one covered, one not.  Oh the parties we had in this groups, friends, family, and just the six of us!  Beautiful memories.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Celebration of Life

Janet - still dealing with the shock
of the party
 Janet's birthday is not until April 12th. At that time she will be 80 years old. We held the surprise birthday party/celebration of life party on March 26 mainly because there is a good chance she will be celebrating her 80th birthday with her mom and dad and friends who have gone before her...not on this earth but in her eternal home.  Janet has terminal cancer and has only a few weeks to live.  Family came from all over.  Hubs and I drove from Phoenix to Long Beach.  Hubs is Janet's baby brother, Hubs twin sister, her hubs, and two of their grown children and one of their almost grown grandchildren came with them.  Janet's daughter came from Virginia.  We had a total of 25 friends and family.

Janet and her daughter Ellen
 It was truly a 'celebration of life'...a life that was filled with love, family, friends, over the last 80 years.  A life ending too soon but a life that will continue eternally with her Lord and Savior.  We love you Janet and we look forward to seeing you again someday, after your life on earth has ended.

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Obituary - Henry Jacob Hochstetler

Found in book 'Descendants of Jacob Hochstettler'
By Harvey Hostetler (1912)
purchased from e-bay February 2011

Know anything about anyone mentioned in this post? Please contact me using the e-mail address to the right under my picture.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Memories of Yost and Martha Schrock - part 18

LuLu Vandersten was married to William SchrockWilliam was the 9th child and youngest male child of Yost Y. and Martha (Plank) Schrock.


Lulu (Vandersten) Schrock Reichert Memories:

You ask me to tell you some of my impressions of Father Schrock.  That is a big order for it is now more than 65 years since I first met him.  I do not remember just where or when that was but I do recall it was a strange meeting to me.  I was a mere snip of a girl yet in my teens, no heavy weight- 92 pounds - and here before me stood my future father-in-law, erect, smiling, long white bushy hair in barn door pants.  He extended his hand and his keen, dark eyes seemed to pierce me to the bone.

By my side stood his son, William, my beloved.  He spoke, "Father, this is Lulu, the girl I want to marry".  I was scared.  Father's eyes seemed to say, "I wonder what William wants with that speck of a girl, will she make him a good wife, can she bake, cook, sew, and so on?"

I was the youngest to be borne by marriage into the Schrock family.  For that reason I think I long felt fearful and timid, especially with Father.  When he once saw I could bake bread and make nice fat rolls of butter I began to feel I was gaining some respect.  That day before Sarah's funeral my mother and I baked pies nearly all day for Sunday dinner.  In those days many friends returned to the home after the burial.  We put the pies on a long table in the cellar.  I never saw so many pies in my life.  A week or so later Father called the children together one evening to straighten up accounts.  My name was on the list "To Lulu $1.75 for baking pies"  Goodness me!  I was shocked!  Such kindness.  I cried.  I wanted no pay and refused to take it and did only after much persuasion on the part of Em and Mary and Will.  Then I knew I was in good standing with Father and never doubted again.  A dollar and seventy-five cents did the trick.

After that it was always a joy to watch him think of and do acts of kindness for his children.  He was a good father indeed.  His many prayers offered for them and with them, surely can never be forgotten.  Those prayers were in Dutch.  I could not understand them but their sincerity was evident from the reverence paid them.  Fortunate indeed the children whose father sets such an example.

I enjoyed Father Schrock more and more as I knew him better and longer. There was a sparkle of wit in his eyes and a bunch of fun in his soul.  He loved his Lord and fulfilled His command, "to do justly and love mercy and to walk humbly with Thy God".  Thus he lived until the day he was called to be with the saints who from their labors rest.  Blessed be his memory!

By special request I narrate the following incident which was of much concern and thankfulness to both Mother and Father Schrock.

On a certain Saturday evening in early fall, son William, attired in his best, hitched Big Ben, a favorite horse, to the buggy, pursuant to a five mile trip eastward across town to go wooing a certain young lady who was expecting him that evening.  The sun had set and the sky darkened rapidly.  Hour after hour passed, 10, 11, 12 o'clock but no Lochinvar appeared (No telephones in those days.)  "Something surely happened.  We may know in the morning", thought she.

Sunday morning came - so did he, early.  But a different attire!  A different horse!  A different buggy!  The the story - said he,  "Last night I was driving along at the usual pace when I came to the mill race.  The top railing had somehow gotten diagonally over the bridge and the horse went straight into  the race submerging himself, buggy and me completely into the water.  Somehow I got to my feet and crawled up into the buggy top and jumped, landing on the bank.  I ran to the first house for a lantern - soon half of the town was there.  They got the horse and buggy out.  No damage done.  I jumped into buggy and hastened home into dry clothes.  Father rubbed Old Ben down and Mother cared for me.  This morn we seem no worse for the accident."

Sunday morning services were missed but many thanks were offered that day for the salvation of what might have been the death of a good man.

(Editor's Notes: Sarah is presumed to be Yost Schrock's sister; Em, Mary and Will are assumed to be Emma Schrock, Mary Jane Schrock, and William Schrock)
Know anything about anyone mentioned in this post? Please contact me using the e-mail address to the right under my picture.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Treehouse Coffee Company - San Diego, California

March 16, 2011
"The Treehouse Coffee Company"
While traveling to California last week to visit my sister-in-law, who has terminal cancer, in Long Beach...we decided to take the 'long way home'...actually it was only 50 miles out of our way and we could visit son # 2 in Yuma (so it was well worth the 2 gallons of gas).  One of our stops was in San Diego where my nephew and his bride (of just over a year) live.  They had decided to open a coffee shop (similar to that big name one that you see on every other corner).  Mandi gave up her 9-5 job for this venture but Hays is still working at his other job, mainly for benefits , etc.  Once the coffee shop really kicks off hopefully he'll be able to quit his 9-5 job!

March 16, 2011 Mandi
waiting on customer

f you're ever in the San Diego area give 'The Treehouse Coffee Company' a try.  I don't drink coffee but hubs can attest that it's the best coffee he ever drank...even better than McDonald's coffee!  That's saying quite a lot for him! 'The Treehouse Coffee Company' is located a 7229 El Cajon Blvd just 2 blocks off the I-8 and 70th street.
March 16, 2011 Pub Cakes
Half of the shop is rented out to a "Pub Cakes" business. They make their own 'pub cakes' on site.  Pub Cakes are cupcakes made with beer. Hubs had a couple...and they passed his inspection as well!

Contact Hays and Mandi by visiting their website or by emailing them at Or better yet just drop by their coffee shop for a fine cup of coffee and tell them Aunt Mary sent you.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Memories of Yost and Martha Schrock - part 17

John Wesley Priser was the first child of Benjamin Frank Priser and Nancy Schrock.  He was the grandson of Yost Y. and Martha (Plank) Schrock.

Wesley Priser Memories:

As I remember grandpa's home, it was about 120 rods in off the road.  As we would enter the lane there was a gate fixed so, as we would drive on something, the gate would open and would close the same way.  Oh, yes, I remember the stone that stuck out about six inches that we would hit sometimes.  There was a hedge fence on both sides of the lane and about a mile of it altogether on the farm.  It was always well trimmed as long as grandpa was able to do it.

As we come to the buildings to the left was the big bank barn, buggy shed and hog house.  To the right a wood house and milk and well house at the corner of which was a gate where we entered the yard.  It was a big white house built for two families with board walks leading to the front and back of the house, and also away from the house along the well house and wood house on one side and the grape arbor on the other side to the out house.

With all the buildings and big yards we would have big times playing hide and seek when us cousins got together.  There was the orchard south of the house and the pond east of the barn where we would like to wade in and sometimes fell in.

Once us boys took a rope and tied it to Willie's express wagon and then lassoed a pig - results: it run around the the straw stack and wrecked the wagon.

I remember one summer the grasshoppers destroyed their garden and trucks.  Ate the leaves off the hedge and bushes and the white board fence was black with them.  I remember the long wood box back of the cook stove in the kitchen where us boys would be or the couch in the living room in front of the north window.  As I remember it we had good eats and plenty of them and I can hear grandpa return thanks in German.

I remember Aunt Sarah, Sally Zook and Sally Mishler and many other memories as the old home was 60 years ago in the good old days.

(Editor's Notes: Aunt Sarah is presumed to be Yost Schrock's sister; Sally Zook is unknown - no Zooks in my genealogy database; Sally Mishler is not in my database either but I do have several other Mishler's listed so she could be related to one of them.)

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring
to my family, friends,

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Memories of Yost and Martha Schrock - part 16

Nona Mae Cripe was the 6th child (4th birth), to Amos F. Cripe and Mary Jane Schrock.  Nona married George Keim.  She was the grand-daughter of Yost and Martha (Plank) Schrock.

Nona Cripe Keim Memories:

My earliest memories of the Grandfather Schrock farm are at Grandmother's funeral. When the folds were ready to leave for the church, Noble was missing.  In a hunting around buildings he was found down south at the house among the grape vines hiding as he didn't like to go to 'thimbles' as he called them.  He and I were not going but they did want to know where he was.  Many visits were made and good times had while Uncle John and Aunt Clara lived there and cared for Grandfather.  When Clara and Charley lived with him I remember going to Middlebury with my Dad and shopping in Shettles store.  I picked out calico for Clara to make my doll a dress.  She also trimmed a tea-matting sun bonnet for my doll.  What colors I chose, at least Mother thought it was awful.  I stayed there 2 days while she sewed for my doll.  I well remember seeing grandfather sitting in the big living room and how he did sing.  Never will forget the well kept hedge fences and the large apple trees and good apples.  Very proud to be of the Yost Schrock family and will try hard to live up to his principles.
(Editors Notes: Noble referred to in the paragraph was Nona's twin brother who died in 1910 at the age of 18 - another story, another time; Clara and Charley were Nona's older sister and her husband: Clara Cripe and Charles Berkey; Uncle John and Aunt Clara were Clara Schrock <Yost and Martha (Plank) Schrock's daughter> and John Zimmerman (Clara Schrock's husband ).

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day - Link

Link was a holiday gift who was given to us by Grandma Warren when the kids were little.  He came out mid March ever year, just for a day or two. 

Then he'd get a special treat and come out around Christmas time...he was small enough we'd could hang him on the tree...and a happy Leprechaun he was.  But, alas, one year he disappeared <gasp>!  We don't know if he ran away or if, worst yet and what we suspect, he accidentally got tossed out with the live Christmas tree. Or did Santa steal him...NAH, he wouldn't do that!!!  But he was gone and it seems forever and we miss him like the dickens.  And still talk about him every year.

Grandma Warren also had a story to tell about Link to the kids.  Link always seemed to be on some kind of adventure or getting into some kind of trouble.  To this day, all in their 40's, they talk about Grandma's stories of Link.  Maybe one of them would be so kind as to write and update to this posting telling of some of Link's (mis)adventures?
This little guy reminds me of Link - he resides at the school where I work and he comes out every year, just about this time of the year.  He's twice the size of the original Link but he's just as cute! The kids love him, just as our kids loved our Link!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Memories of Yost and Martha Schrock - part 15

G. D. Cripe (Glen Dutch) was the 9th child (5th birth), to Amos F. Cripe and Mary Jane Schrock.  'Dutch' married Bess Maude Beaty.  He was the grandson of Yost and Martha (Plank) Schrock.

G. D. Cripe Memories:

My memories of Grandpa Schrock are few, but quite vivid and impressionable.

My first memory of him was when he was living with Uncle Levi and Aunt Em.  His bedroom was in the parlor, the northwest room of the house.  Each time we visited there, we children were permitted to visit him in his room alone.  On each visit, I would ask him how he felt and each time his reply was that he believed he could take me down if we wrestled.

Another memory was that grandpa always said Grace at the table, when visiting at our house, in Dutch.  His prayer was always the same and I tried to memorize it without knowing the translation.  It started something like this, "Natiker Katiker Unbumhatiker Vater".  Does anyone else remember this prayer or it's translation?

I remember also the last visit of mother and father with grandpa, a few hours before he went into a coma, from which he passed away.  Mother reported this call to several persons over the the telephone and reported that as they left, Grandpa started to sing, "Over There", singing as they were leaving,  "I'll soon be at home over there".

I am sure Grandpa Schrock's Christian life was the foundation of the Christian heritage the Schrock family enjoys today.

Know anything about anyone mentioned in this post? Please contact me using the e-mail address to the right under my picture.

(Editor's Notes:  Paragraph 2 - Uncle Levi and Aunt Em referred to Yost and Martha (Plank) Schrock's 5th child, Emma Schrock and her husband Levi E. Weaver.
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Madness Monday: Amish Bishop Samuel Hochsettler

I am not sure what year this just says January 23.  From the clothing on the investigators it looks to be late 1920's or 1930's?  That's my guess, for what it's worth!  A handwritten note under the title of the article says "Is this in your book Nora?"  Wonder if they were meaning the book I just purchased from e-bay, or if it was a different one?  I plan on doing more research on this in the summer.

The newspaper article is from Goshen mother was a reporter...was she involved in the writing of the article?  Could she have known these people?  She graduated from Goshen High School in 1927 and started at the newspaper shortly afterwards.  If I'm correct on the range of years this article could have been written she might very well have remembered the incident.

Found in book purchased on e-bay February 2011
"The Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler" by
Harvy Hostetler
To enlarge the article click on it...then click on article again to enlarge for easy readability.  IMPORTANT: BE SURE AND USE THE BACK ARROW ON YOUR BROWSERS (UPPER LEFT) TO COME BACK TO THIS PAGE.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Memories of Yost and Martha Schrock - part 14

Floyd Cripe was the 5th child (3rd birth), to Amos F. Cripe and Mary Jane Schrock.  Floyd married Grace Barthel.  He was the grandson of Yost and Martha (Plank) Schrock.

Floyd Cripe Memories:

I scarely know just what this is all about.  All the information I received was by telephone.  For my impressions of Grandma Schrock, I can just remember of her funeral, and that funeral procession was as long as the lane.  When the hearse was at the road the buggies were just leaving the yard.  I also remember one time when we were there, I saw a paper addressed to Yost Schrock, and I asked who that was, as I knew him only by Grandpa Schrock.  Of course, most everyone remember his last buggy horse "Ben".

Clara and Charley Berkey lived with him several years, and I worked for them one summer.  I can recall several things that happened that summer, but they were not directly connected with Grandpa Schrock, only as I stayed there.

Milk Churn

Clara had me churning one day out in the old milk house, it was a barrel churn, and the lid came off.  You can guess what a mess that was on the brick floor.  Also I recall having several hard thunder storms.  At home we boys all slept in one room, and down there I was all alone.  She tacked blankets up at the windows, but the lightning still came in so she said I could go down and sleep with grandpa.  When I went in his room, he was on his knees praying and didn't hear me right away.  The experience I will not forget.

Also Charley would ask occasionally to return thanks at the table, (as he ate with us).  Now I could tell you this better than I can write it, as I don't know how to spell in German, but he always began like this  'Naiter Gaiter, and Bun-Hatsic a Fanter'.  I used to have it memorized but just do not recall anymore to make sense out of it.  But I think I have heard it said that he never prayed in public.  I think if you had Grandma's date of death, you would find I was quite young.  However, I do remember when Uncle John Zimmerman's lived there, and I think Clara and Charley followed them after they moved out.

(Editor's notes:  Clara and Charley Berkey - Clara was the daughter of Amos F. Cripe and Mary Jane Schrock. Grand-daughter of Yost and Martha (Plank) Schrock

Uncle John Zimmerman was the husband of Clara Schrock (daughter of Yost and Martha (Plank) Schrock)

Know anything about anyone mentioned in this post? Please contact me using the e-mail address to the right under my picture.

WHEW - this one was confusing as I got mixed up with the two Clara's!

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy History - 1971 Earthquake

1971 Sylmar, California Earthquake
Week 10:  Disasters.  Did you experience any natural disasters in your lifetime?  Tell us about them.  If not, then discuss these events that happened to parents, grandparents or others in your family.

It was February 9, 1971. We lived in Lakewood California on Clark Street.  Hubs and I had just gotten up to begin our day. He worked in Los Angeles and had to travel 25 miles to work.  We had 3 little ones at home....a 5 year old, a 2 1/2 year old, and a 15 month old.

It was about 6AM - I was sitting on the living room calming down one of the little ones (who maybe suspected something was about to happen?), hubs was getting dressed, when all of a sudden a roar, a boom, a shake that seemed to shake the world.  Having been born and raised in southern California I was more or less not surprised...I knew immediately it was an earthquake.  This one was larger than most, it still shook hard enough to waken the others and get them crying. 

We'd learned over the years that where you live is not necessarily the center of the earthquake.  This felt strong to us but what about others?  What did it feel like where it was centered?  Or were we in the epicenter of the earthquake?  We immediately turned on the TV but most of the TV stations were down and there was not much news on what had just happened.

The center of the quake turned out to be in Sylmar - about 35 miles from us.  The quake registered 6.6 on the Richter Scale.  We were fortunate - none of us were hurt, no real damage - just shattered nerves, a few things knocked off the shelves, and pictures sent askew.   Others were not so blessed - 65 people died, 100's injured, two hospitals sustained major damage, and there was also major damage to two freeway interchanges.  There were a minimum of 5 aftershocks (mini?-earthquakes).  I question my use of the word 'mini' because any earthquake with a magnitude of 5 can and has caused damage.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Treasure Thursday: Hochstetler - Hostetler

I purchased this book on e-bay a few weeks ago...I'm not sure it's even related to my family but I figured for what I paid for it I wasn't really out anything.  I haven't had much of a chance to go through it yet but I found some great treasures inside the book....several newspaper articles, a picture, several postcards, and some other items.  If you will note: on the binding of the book the title is Jacob Hochstetler, the author is Harvey Hostetler....a close enough spelling that the name was probably changed somewhere down the line.

Susan Hostetler was my great-great grandparents, Yost and Martha (Plank) Schrock's first son's, Christian Schrock's, wife.  Also in my database there is a Dorene Hostetler who married a Cripe. Two of  Yost and Martha Schrock's daughters married Cripe's.  Whether a link is there or not is yet to be determined.

The book is fairly small print and is almost 1,200 pages, it was printed in 1912 and some of the genealogy lines go back to the 1600s.  I am hoping to look through this book extensively this summer, when I'm off work, and find a link to my ancestors.

Know anything about anyone mentioned in this post? Please contact me using the e-mail address to the right under my picture.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Follow-up on 2011 Goals/Resolutions

As part of my 2011 Goals - I've decided to give you monthly updates.  I encourage you to work on Goals as they can be attained.
  1. Read 5 chapters of the Bible daily -  ON TRACK: I'm just starting 2nd Kings.  This is a hard goal to keep but I make it a top priority.
  2. Read 2 books a month - ON TRACK: Since the first of January I've read: 
  •   O. Henry's "The Gift of the Magi"  
  •   Frances Hodgson Burnett's "The Secret Garden"
  •   Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre"
  •   L. M. (Lucy Maud) Montgomery's "Anne of Green Gables"
  •   Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould's "The Amish Midwife" (currently reading)
   3.  Volunteer in the school library - ON TRACK
        currently working in the library, after I get off work, a day or two a week.

   4.  Research family info and blog a minimum of 3 days a week  -
  • I received contact through from someone who had been my brother's best friend when they were in the Air Force together.  Jim (my brother) was his best man and he sent me a picture with Jim in it from the wedding.  (p.s. Jim passed away in 1993, Cal knew this but I'm not sure how he knew. I have to remember to ask)
  • I finally got my computer out of the hospital (after 6 weeks of on and off being there) and have installed Roots Magic4.  I've imported all of my contacts from PAF and am working on updating them.
  • I'm working on typing up the "Memories of Yost and Martha (Plank) Schrock (my maternal great-grandparents.  I am posting these several times a week on my blog.  I'm about 1/2 way through the 'memories'
   5.  Attend a genealogy convention - ON TRACK
        went to AZ Family History Expo in Mesa AZ a few weeks ago. Trying to squeeze in an online classes.

   6.  Get my zucchini to grow this year (last year I got none) -
        trying to find time to get to the nursery to pick up seeds and fertilizer.

   7.  More canning and freezing of fresh fruits and veggies (either grown by me or given to me by my wonderful neighbor)
       Been squeezing and freezing the juice from lemons and oranges that have been given to us. Will work on
       the spring crop of veggies and other fruit as they come in.

   8.  Walk more - Falling a little behind on this
        ...since hubs is not working and I've got a car everyday it's too easy to just hop in it and drive to work. 

Pray for my sis-in-law (hubs older sis) who has terminal cancer diagnosed last month.  She is not doing chemo or radiation because of too many other medical issues.

Pretty excited I was able to get our state and federal taxes done this past month - with refunds coming from both. The last few years I've been frantically rushing around on April 12 trying to get things together for the accountant so that they could be filed on time.  This year I did the entire thing myself!
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