Friday, June 11, 2010

Orvey Jermain Post

Orvey Jermain Post 
son of Jermain E. and Elizabeth Clayton
Grandson of John Clayton and (Elizabeth Parrinder?)
Grandson of Samuel Conrad Post and Caty Miller

Orvey was my paternal grandfather.  Born January 8, 1886 in Wisconsin, he died October 27, 1947 in Los Angeles California.  I found the death info on and have not ordered a death or birth certificate.

I have never met the man called my 'grandfather'.  He died four years after I was born but he divorced my grandmother (Bess) when she became pregnant with my father (Hays).  They had 4 children - Lucy (died very young), O.J. (died as a child), Hays (my father) and Shirley (born in 1924 and still alive today).  I'm working on birth records for O.J. and Lucy but have limited information (no knowledge year of birth or where Orvey and Bess were living at the time of births).   There's an interesting story behind Aunt Shirley's birth that I do not feel at liberty to put on a public blog at this time since she is still alive.

To my knowledge he has been married two times - but recently while doing additional research it looks like there is a third wife.  Having just found it today I have not had time to go further with it.

I have been blessed in my genealogy work to have come across several half-cousins, as well as some full cousins.

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  1. Sometimes closure comes after a long time, and in ways we don't expect.