Friday, November 16, 2012

The Spread of the Anabaptists -The Story of the Amish, Mennonites, and Hutterites

Interesting video pertaining to the Amish branch of of my ancestry.  This video was found on and was not produced by me or anyone I know. Just copying it here for information purposes.

This is a very brief overview of the history of the Anabaptist beginning in Zurich in 1525 and tracing their paths to the present.  This was originally prepared for a historical society in Lancaster County, PA, hence it begins talking about Lancaster.

Above is a picture of a book, written by Menno Simmons, who is mentioned in this history video.  It was passed down through my family line. Written in German(?) I am unable to tell exactly what the book has to say. (This book is in my possession).

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  1. I can read "Fraktur" somewhat and the word below Monno Simmons name is probably "Schrissten." However, I don't know German, so I have no idea what the word means.

    The ability to read this form of German type is dying out. Is there a college (university) near you where someone would be interested in translaating for you. (Or sending you to a translation.)