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Super Sister Sunday - Mary Motzko and Hedvig Lucy Motzko

My third in my series on Super Sister Sunday spotlights my maternal grandmother (Mary Motzko) and her sister Hattie Motzko.  Mary and Hattie were child number 3 and 4 in a family of 10 children.  Although all the Motzko children were friends and playmates Mary and Hattie were close in age and were closer than usual. I assume (not necessarily fact) that their older sisters Catherine and Anna were more the 'grown up children' in the family and helped raise the younger ones.  I'm sure that Mary and Hattie eventually moved into this role but at their earliest ages Mary and Hattie were able play together easily. As teens they had each other to commiserate with - boys, marrying someday, having babies of their own - all the things that young girls chat about.
Mary was born in September 1883 and Hattie was born in October 1885....I can just vision Mary trying to be a little mother to Hattie. My views of what life was like in the mid-1880's is very "Little House on the Prairie-ish". Growing up in Minnesota and Idaho with lots of siblings close to your age, everyone helping everyone else, the older helping with and playing with the younger...maybe a few cousins living on a farm down the road.  Life was not easy for them and I'm not sure I know I could not have been as strong as the Motzko family.

The two pictures posted are Mary and Hattie at youngest age available.  Mary is 15 in this picture and Hattie is 23.  I wish I had others at younger ages.  I have group pictures with all or some of the family but not many individual pics.

You can read Hattie and Mary's full stories by clicking on these links:

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