Thursday, October 21, 2010

Coming Home

I dreamt about my brother Jim the other night (he died in 1993). I miss him a lot and think of him everyday.  Back to the dream - my brother and sisters and I and some other family members were waiting together at our parents home (they've been gone since 1988).  We were all excited and waiting because "Jimmy was coming home"....where was he coming home from?  Or what was he coming home to?  Why was he coming home? All we knew was he was coming home.

Finally he was out front, or was he walking through the door?  I was the first to hug him when he 'came home' (of that I'm positive)...and then my brother and sisters...I don't remember my parents hugging him, I'm not sure they were even there. Neither were his wife and sons, or maybe they were because there were a lot of people in the background that I could not see - I just knew there were others there.

I remember thinking in my dream 'oh good I'm dreaming about Jimmy, I've got to remember this'...seldom do I remember dreams.  Was I in a state of semi-consciousness to have had such a thought?  There was something else in the dream that I remembered and then forgot about.  Why can't I remember?  It wasn't a bad thing....I don't know that it was good but I do know it wasn't bad because the dream left me content.

Frankly, I would not mind having other dreams like this...I'd like to be able to remember them if I do.  One of the reasons I wrote about this dream is because I don't want to forget now it's here forever :)

Mary Post Warren
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