Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monthly Events - November

I'm doing this monthly for your convenience. Events of our family and our ancestors - birth-dates, marriages, deaths will be listed each month for that month. (Those currently living will not have their last name nor full dates posted).  There's not much going on this month or in December for that matter.  Dates must have been planned so as not to conflict with the holidays :)

November 2, 2010  DON'T FORGET TO VOTE - mid term elections - voting for Senators/Governors/etc
November 16, 19-- John (brother-in-law) - Birthday
November 17, 19-- Joseph (nephew) - Birthday
November 25, 2010 THANKSGIVING
November 30, 1974 Chris and Barbara ________ (brother and dear sister-in-law)

This list is by no means complete - it's a project in the workings. If I missed anyone please accept my apologies and let me know.  Watch for this on on the first of each month.

Mary Post Warren
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