Friday, December 17, 2010

Advent Calendar - December 18 - Christmas Stockings

Today is Christmas Stocking day at (a group of worldwide genealogists writing about their family history). The prompts or suggested ideas for the month of December relate to the the Advent season.  This is my seventh post using the Advent prompts. 

When we were kids we did not have fancy or store bought Christmas stockings, we just used our own socks that we wore everyday...I remember thinking once that it was fair that my older brother had bigger feet than I did.  He always seemed to get more than the rest of us. But then I was 2nd oldest so my younger brother and sisters must have felt the same way.  Santa would fill the stockings mostly with edible stuff like oranges, unwrapped candy, and nuts.  My sister remembers the unwrapped candy would stick together and to the socks making them hard to remove.  I don't remember gifts being in the socks...just the candy, fruit, and nuts.

When our kids were little my mother-in-law made the above Christmas sockings for the kids and hubs.  But she forgot me (GASP)....finally about 1990 I asked her if she would make one for me also....she could not believe she had never made me one and she most graciously had it ready for me for the next Christmas.

Santa would fill our kids stockings with candy - mainly lifesavers, some small gifts (hair bows, ribbons, matchbox cars, etc) and always McDonald's gift certificates. 

Mary Post Warren
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  1. Mary...I don't know if it is sad or funny that your mother-in-law forgot you with the sock tradition. We have giant socks that we made for our immediate family years ago. It is a fun tradition. Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. I enjoyed your post - I don't remember that we ever had Christmas stockings as kids, but I know I would have been unhappy about my brother having bigger stockings as well! Of course, he wore crew socks, and I had knee-highs, so that would have made up for it. :)

    I'll bet your mother-in-law felt just terrible about forgetting your stocking!