Saturday, December 4, 2010

Who Is Searching and What are They Searching For?

I'm a nosy little body who has to know EVERYTHING!  Just ask my kids!  One thing I'm very curious about is who is reading my blog, why, and when.  So I attached a 'site-meter' to my blog and it tells me how many times you've logged in, how long you were browsing my blog, and what search term in google you used to access my blog.  And you thought you were safe from being spied uponSeasons Greetings
It's not quite as easy as I make it look above to figure out who is looking but I can get a pretty good 'site-meter' tells me the city you from, which search words you used to find my blog, where you went when you logged out. It also tells me the length of time you were on.   I have to put on my Sherlock Holmes gear to figure things out  but I know for a fact that my daughter who lives in the same city I do logs on at certain times of every day - one of my loyal readers.  Can't help but love that gal!

If you don't know a person's blog address or maybe you are just searching for a relative of yours (who also MAY be my relative, and I've written about him/her)  If you put into Google that you want to search all Warren's you may eventually end up at my blog depending on how much tenacity you have to get through all the Warrens in google. 

Using Google Analytics I've put together the 10 top search words that people use when all of a sudden - PLUNK - they're  smack dab in the middle of my blog!
  • 'Motzko' (my maternal side surname).
  • Mary Motzko (my grandmothers maiden name).
  • Veterans Day 2010 thanks (3 different searches).
  • Veterans Day 2010 pictures to share on facebook.
  • Veterans Day 2010 for everyone who served.
  • Thanks to everyone who supported the veterans.
  • Schrock-Troyer -my maternal grandfather & ancestors.
  • Every family's got one.
  • Gchowitz-poland - where my maternal great grandparents immigrated from.
  • Margaret Elizabeth Troyer - my mother's maiden name.

I can't help but wonder why some of these names/phrases were used in search terms on google.  Specifically 1, 2, 7, 9, 10.

Mary Post Warren
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