Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Family Angel

Last month on Lucille's 106th birthday I went for a visit at the cemetery, which happens to be just a few miles from us here in Phoenix. (The above picture was taken last summer on the anniversary of her death).  She was my dad's sister, although she died before he was born.  Among my unidentified pictures I have this one to the right.  This picture was with others from my dad's side of the family that were left to me. One of these little girls may or may not be Lucille.  If one is her I don't know who the other one is.  I have no other pictures of  Lucille but I do have her death certificate.  Can anyone out there in genealogy land help identify the time period of this picture? 

Dad did not know a whole lot about his family.  His father left his mother when she became pregnant with him.  He had one (known) living brother at that time who was about 4-5 years older than him.  He was told there was a child who died before he was born (Lucille, although he thought it was the brother, known as O.J.).  He was also told there were several children who died at or shortly after birth.  I have no confirmation on this.  I do have a picture of dad (Hays Coulter Post) with his brother O.J. Post (assumed to be Orvey Jermain Post) and their grandmother Elizabeth Clayton Post.  Dad's parent's names were Bess Coulter Post and Orvey Jermain(e) Post.

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Mary Post Warren
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  1. Mary,
    Wish I knew how to date photos. I have several unidentified photos.