Thursday, July 21, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - Coulter Sisters Company

I recently found this picture of my dad's mother, Bess Coulter Post.  I have many pictures of her and don't remember ever having seen this one before.  It was in a stack of items 'to be dealt with' that had to do with my Coulter and Post family.  It's a professionally taken photo but I'm pretty sure it's a copy and not the original.  If you look on towards the bottom, third, right hand side of the photo you can see where something had been printed and is now cut off (maybe the photographers name or the photo studio?).  On the back is written

Bess Coulter
Rich Western Co
Coulter Sisters Co

(note: yes, the 2nd line is crossed off). Also on one side (on back but at top of photograph) is written Aunt Bess.  At the bottom is a label which says:

Bess Coulter-Post
Daughter of William D & Lucy Hays-Coulter

The top back "Aunt Bess" (written in red) tells me that someone had this besides my parents (who gave me all the other pictures I have).  Several years ago I met some cousins who were the children of  Bess' sister Harriet Coulter.  I must have received this picture from them....but how it got lost for all these years is beyond me.  It's now scanned and on a flash drive with other pictures of Bess, and the original (to me) will go with all other pictures of Bess (to be handed down to my niece upon my death).

Mary Post Warren
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