Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veterans Day 2010 - Thanks to everyone!

To all those who served in the United States Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and any other branch of the service I salute you!  Some of my family members who graciously served their country, some drafted, some volunteered - include 2 brothers, my father, 1 son, and various ancestors though out the years.

Some of those from my family I honor today are:

1. Robert Bernard Gleason aka Bernardum Robertum Gleason (son of Thomas Gleason and Hedvig Motzko) Killed during World War II (He would be my 2nd cousin)

2. Robert Max Priser (3.20.1923 to 10.20.1944) - son of Fred Earl Priser/Velma Kime, grandson of Benjamin Frank Priser/Nancy Schrock, great grandson of Yost and Martha (Plank) Schrock.  Killed in Italy during World War II (He would be a second cousin)

3. Hays Coulter Post (2.15.1913 to 2.25.1987) - son of Orvey Post and Bess Coulter Post.  Served in the Army, honorable discharge October 1941. (My father)

1962 - James J. Post
(my big brother)

4. James Joseph Post (7.9.1942 to 12.27.1993) - son of Hays Coulter Post/Margaret Troyer.  Retired U.S. Air Force 1982.  Served in Viet Nam. (My brother)

5. H. Christopher Post (birth date withheld) son of Hays Coulter Post/Margaret Troyer
Manue H Warren (Left)

6. Manuel H. Warren (4.16.1905 - 8.22.1965) - son of Archie Warren. U.S. Navy (1925-1929)

Howard Warren
7. M. Howard Warren (birth date withheld for privacy) - son of Manuel H.  Warren/Myrtle Engel.  U.S Army (Germany 1957-1961)

8. William H. Warren (birth date withheld for privacy) - son of Howard Warren/Mary Post. MU.S. Army (Germany 1983-1991). Served in Persian Gulf

Thank you to these special people and to all who served our country is such a self-less way.

Mary Post Warren
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