Friday, May 6, 2011

Family Recipe Friday: Baked Fish

This was a recipe from my mom's collection of recipes.  According to her diaries, when my family lived in Los Angeles my dad and a friend would go to the beach and fish every couple of weeks...whatever they caught was brought home for dinner.  Being Roman Catholic, we had fish for dinner every Friday night. Today my fishes of choice are Salmon, Tilipia, and Trout....I'd prefer it all grown in the U.S.A...but know that is not always possible to find....

I do use my 'white' meat fish with the tilipia and trout and then use the recipe below.  It's pretty yummy:

Instead of white wine I will use a marinade and the rest of the direcions.  I serve the fish with Brown rice and green veggies!

I fix Salmon once a week too - I LOVE SALMON - and it's almost aways grown on the west cost of the western states.  I will marinate in Balsamanic Vingerette Dressing for an hour or so and then pop in the oven.  Serve with Salad and a potato it's so yummy!  and so easy to make!

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