Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Those Places Thursday: In A Country Churchyard

The year was 1975, and we were south of Anadarko, Oklahoma (18 miles west of Chickasha) on a fall foliage tour. I noticed a church steeple rising up out of the red, gold and green foliage.

As we bumped down the hill, on a narrow rutted road, I had no idea of the historical significance, of the well kept, old church-school house we would find there.

Note: Anadarko is deep in what was once Indian Territory, and  now has the tourist attraction called, "Indian City".
Poem written by and used with permission of the hubs cousin Carl Stanislaus
Photo taken by and used with permission of hub's cousin, Carl Stanislaus

Mary Post Warren
© copyright 2011, all rights reserved, Mary Post Warren

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