Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fourth of July 2010 Ramblings

Uncle SamMy husband, in his usual patriotic way, dressed in the red, white and blue that he has dressed in every Independence Day since the late1960s.  The material the pants are made out of is the old polyester double knit, which like the energizer bunny, just keeps going and going and going. Our kids love to tell the stories of 4th of July parties, or 4th of July church functions, or working in fire works stands and their dad wore this outfit. It is one of their earliest memories.

enegizier bunny
Not only is this outfit like the energizer bunny but my hubby is also like the  energizer bunny - at age 74 he just does not quit.  He keeps going and going and going. He still works part time, he runs my errands, he is the first one to offer his hand if someone needs a helping one. He also volunteers at our church and he visits many of the older people from church when they are in rest homes, assisted living, hospice, or the hospital.  He's my hero....thankfully our kids feel the same way about him. Anyone who does all this and still wears the same pair of pants after almost 40 years has to be my idol!  Plus he's put up with me for over 46 years.  HE ROCKS!

Howard looks much like Las Vegas' infamous mayor, Oscar Goodman.  Oscar has a colorful past with ties to the mafia. He's also been known to fall off stages while giving a toast at some function.  He's usually got a  showgirl on each arm at these events.  When we lived in Las Vegas people would stop us asking for his autograph.   He HATES to be compared to him - but he does 'play' it for all it's worth.

And that my friends is a tribute to MY #1 Uncle Sam!

Mary Post Warren
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  1. What a cool outfit, even after 40 years. At least it's a classic, timeless piece!!

    What a special guy...Happy 4th to you and yours Mary. Thank you for sharing such great memories.

  2. What a guy - sounds like a real keeper! And so cool to wear that patriotic outfit!