Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meme: What Do I Use?

I was given this assignment last week just as we were packing for a weekend trip to California.  I apologize for my late reply.  I hope that my descendants will someday read this and look at the funny electronic equipment I use, or don't use, and laugh at how archaic it is...much like we look at that telephones, cameras, and mainframes of the past.

There is an Internet meme making the rounds...I had fun reading others while we were out of town (just not time to do my own)!  The idea is to list what tools you use.

* Hardware: An old (8years+) emachine that keeps on clunking.  It's been upgraded several times and serves the purpose for now.
* External storage: 8GB Flash Drive, and a few smaller ones for odds and ends.
* Online storage:  I don't really use online storage...too cheap.  I do use Picasa for some of my pictures
* Backup: 8GB Flash Drive
* Firewall: Windows (I think)
* Virus protection: AVG Free
* Spyware:
* File cleaner:
* Printer: my printer just went kaputz and got tossed out.  But a new one is coming, soon I hope.
* Phone: Verizon Blackberry wireless
* Mobile media: Verizon Blackberry wireless
* Music player: ITunes
* Car audio: CD that came with car
* eBook Reader: Haven't got one yet
* Browser: Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer
* Blog: Blogspot and Wordpress
* RSS:
* FTP:
* Text editor:
* Graphics: Adobe Photo Editor

* Screen capture:
* Social media:  Twitter and Facebook
* Social bookmarking:
* Social profile:
* URL shortener:
* Office suite: Microsoft Suite
* E-mail: gmail -
* Calendar: Microsoft Outlook
* Accounting: Microsoft Money
* PDF generator: Adobe full version and
* Genealogy database: PAF
* Genealogy tools:

As you can see I'm pretty basic...I'd have the more advanced items if I had the money but that's not possible so I make do with what I've got and thank God everyday that I have that.

I go back to the PC Junior and the old Apple computers of the 1980's.  Booted up my first computer with the large floppy discs that were out then.  Amazing how far we've come in 20-25 years....and how far I've fallen behind.
Mary Post Warren
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