Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekend Wanderings

We spent a few days in southern California with family this past weekend.  On Friday my sister and I went to Pomona to the cemetery where my mom and dad, her sister and husband, and my grandparents are buried.  I had not been to the cemetery since my parents died in 1987 so it was good visiting.  We literally had no issue finding any of the tombstones.  My sister had been to the cemetery many times and knew exactly where to find mom and dad's grave...we knew the others were buried nearby but not exactly where....but we found them all within a few minutes.  My grandparents tombstones were barely readable.  Does anyone know how to get mildew off a tombstone? My grandfathers sister is buried across the street from Holy Cross Cemetery...she was not Catholic so could not be buried where everyone else was.

We also got together with Howard's sisters and families on Saturday....We saw a great-niece whom we had not seen since she was a baby - she's turned into an awesome young woman (she's 20).  We also saw another niece and her son (our great-nephew) whom we had not seen since he was a baby - he's 11 now.  

Fun times with all families and sharing memories!  Martha, my sister, also shared some pictures she had with me....so I've got new ones I will be posting within the next few weeks.  I love having new material to post!

Speaking of new material to post -last week I found a sister of my dad's who had died 4 years before he was born...what is interesting is she is buried here in Phoenix about a half dozen miles from our home.  Watch for her story....we knew she existed but did not know any particulars and there are no pictures to our knowledge.  The 18th of July is the 101st anniversary of her death.  I will be going to the cemetery to visit her that day.  Thanks to Gloria Simpson on http://www.findagrave.com/ for posting her information.  There's a picture of her grave there but I want to post one that I've taken (this weekend).

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  1. Sounds like you had a great trip. We discovered a few years ago that my husband's great great grandmother is buried about a mile from our house. We found the grave but the tombstone can't be read.