Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday

Back says - Ella in front of window; Frank at Ella's right

Goshen School, Goshen Indiana taken sometime in the 1890s.  My maternal Grandfather Elmer David Troyer is in this picture as well as his brother William Frank and their sisters Edith Magaline (Edie) and Ella May.  There was a fifth child in the family, Jesse Edward but he died at the age of 2 months. (If you click on the picture it will enlarge - check the bottom of the photo to see where Edie and Elmer are in the picture.)

My sister holds the original in California...she let me take it home when we were there a couple of weeks ago, to scan - all was fine, I scanned the picture, took it to put in a priority post envelope and noticed a couple of the faces were no longer there! Obliterated! Off into la-la land.  I was so upset and didn't want to tell my sister -- but got up the nerve and sent her an e-mail.  She was very understanding and didn't even get mad at me.  Yesterday she received the pictures in the mail...I received an e-mail from her - 'was the picture broken in half when I took it'......noooooooo.  It was not broken when I put it in the envelope to mail, just a couple half faceless people in it. But it is broken now!  I feel terrible about all this.  Thank God I had gotten a good scan of it before it fell apart.

This is an important message to take extra care with your oldest pictures - not just in handling them but in transporting them from person to person.  And make sure you have scans of all of them.  A good scan is better than nothing.
Mary Post Warren
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