Monday, February 7, 2011

Memories of Yost and Martha Schrock - part 6

Jasper Sherck Memories

I can't think of very much that went on there.  I remember being there at an oyster supper.  I remember when Clara Zimmerman said supper was ready and the oldest boy should bring his girl.  Harvey went first, then Willis, then Henry Krack, then Edd. then myself.  That was the first time mama and I ate together.  I remember we had a wonderful time.

I remember threshing at your place one time.  It was very warm and us boys took our shirts off.  Grandpa was standing by and he said if you are going to take anymore off let me know.
(editor's note: oysters were a tradition in my family on Christmas Eve.  Mom said it was an old family tradition and I'm fairly sure this is where it came from. 

Jasper Sherck was the husband of Clara Adaline Weaver (daughter of Levi Weaver and Emma Schrock, grand-daughter of Yost and Martha Schrock.  I do not know last names or relationships of Harvey, Willis, or Edd mentioned in paragraph 1 nor do I have a Henry Krack listed in my genealogy program.  Clara Zimmerman was born Clara Schrock, 10th child of Yost and Martha Schrock)
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