Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Follow-up on Goals/Resolutions

As part of my 2011 Goals (not resolutions) - I've decided to give you a monthly update.  I encourage you to work on Goals as they can be attained;  resolutions seem too hard to get anywhere with and are written off within a couple of days

Some of my goals (not resolutions) for the new year:

  • Read 5 chapters of the Bible daily -  ON TRACK: I've read through Numbers and am now working on Deuteronomy.
  • Read 2 books a month - ON TRACK: Since the first of January I've read O. Henry's "The Gift of the Magi", Frances Hodgson Burnett's "The Secret Garden", and am now working on Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre"
  • Volunteer in the school library - ON TRACK: have talked to the librarian and am currently working in the library after I get off work a day or two a week.
  • Research family info and blog a minimum of 3 days a week - haven't done much research lately but have posted 3 times a week in January.
  • Attend a genealogy convention - ON TRACK: went to the Arizona Family History Expo in Mesa Arizona a couple weeks ago.
  • Get my zucchini to grow this year (last year I got none)   Can't start this for a couple months.
  • More canning and freezing of fresh fruits and veggies (either grown by me or given to me by my wonderful neighbor) - Can't start this until the spring crop starts growing, although someone gave me a ton of lemons last week and hubs and I got these squeezed and the juice frozen (lemon aide this summer YEA!)
  • Walk more - ON TRACK: I'm walking to work/school. It's a neighborhood school so it's fairly close
I've had normal distractions and issues that have held me back on some of my goals...not the least of these issues is computer problems....my USB ports don't work, thus neither does my cordless mouse my printer/scanner, and my sound (most of which use USB ports).  I can't get to my backed up pictures - I save everything on a USB drive and then once a month copy it to the computer.  I hadn't done this since the first of December (issues started about Christmas time).  So I can't get to any photos I had scanned or taken after 12-1-10.  Computer is in being fixed (hopefully) as I type.

We've also had a couple of family medical issues to deal with which takes away from time for research.

Mary Post Warren
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  1. I'm impressed! And sharing your goals (and follow-up) on the web for everyone to see. You go girl!