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Memories of Yost and Martha Schrock - part 12

Elma Weaver Kindy was the wife of O. Glenn Kindy.  She was the daughter of Levi E. Weaver and Emma Schrock, and the grand-daughter of Yost and Martha (Plank) Schrock

Elma Kindy memories:

I have only a few vivid memories of Grandpa and Grandma in their home.  I was small when grandma passed away.  I do remember very well when Mother and I walked through the fields to grandma's and as we crossed our chicken yard I picked up some chicken feathers which I, at least, thought were pretty, and gave them to grandma, who at that time was sick in bed.  I can still see her accepting them and taking them in her hand.

I'll always remember grandma's black hair and grandpa's snow white hair.  The house, also is quite clear to me.  The milk house with it's clear cool water running trough where the milk crocks, butter, etc. were kept. And the cool brick floor which felt so cool to our feet.  I also remember the outdoor oven but cannot recall ever have seeing bread taken from it.  I also loved that big smoke tree in the front yard.

I think my most cherished memories were when grandpa came to live with us for nine years.  His room was what we called our parlor.  In it was his bed, high dresser, stove and rocking chair on which I can still see him rock and sing, sing and rock.  I do not remember grandpa ever being considered a care.  His pleasant disposition and his jolly spirit repaid all care that was necessary.

I recall at one time he was not feeling too well and we felt he should not go out to the outside toilet which was some distance north of the house.  Well, he would go.  It had been snowing, the snow was perhaps a foot or two deep.  Mother and I kept watch for him.  He would go two or three steps, look forward to see how far he still had to go and back to see how far he had gone - on a few steps more and again look forward and back.  He finally made it.  Coming back was not so bad as he had made a path but he was willing to take our word for it after that as he found out it was too much for him.

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