Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Mothers Best Friend

My mother had loads of friends - friends she'd met before marriage, while working, at church, in the neighborhood, in PTA, from my dad's scouting...she even had friends she met while camping.  I had never thought about it much but when I got to counting, well I just can't count that high!  One of her best-est friends (and she had lots of those) was my #2 Aunt Dorothy.  She wasn't really my aunt but that's what we called her.  Mom also had a sister named Dorothy and she was great friends with her too....she was our #1 Aunt Dorothy.  Got a bit confusing at times but we made it through it!

I think mom met Dorothy Tullis in high school in Goshen, Indiana; I'm not positive about this but whenever and wherever it was she knew her for a long time before she knew my dad and had children. Aunt Dorothy was also mom's matron of honor at her wedding.   Aunt Dorothy and her husband, Uncle George were like second parents to us kids.  They spent a lot of time at our house visiting, playing cards with my parents, and eating.  We had many overnight trips to their house where I can remember a closet full of clothes that my sisters and I were allowed to use for dress-up.

I've had a lot of friends through the years but I don't think I ever had one with the relationship that mom and Aunt Dorothy had....except maybe my sister.

Mary Post Warren
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  1. I liked this post! I know lots of people who have aunties who aren't aunts, and grandmas who aren't their real grandmother. I had a Nana Benson who I thought was my real grandmother until I was about ten, when suddenly I asked my mom "How can I have three grandmas?" She was just her best friends mom, and she raised us calling her Nana.

  2. for some reason I remember the man in that picture. I must have met him but he looks very familiar. Did you keep in touch with them? Also how in the world did they stay in touch with no internet! Ha

  3. One of the best blogs you have done yet. And you have done many good ones.