Monday, April 26, 2010

46 years and counting

The other day (April 25, 2010) my honey and I celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary.  People ask me what's our 'What's your secret for lasting so long'....there is NO secret.  It's all about God, commitment and respect.  We never went into this thinking we could divorce if things don't work out, too many today do that....we went into marriage for life and life it will be.  Don't get me wrong, I know there are reasons for having to divorce - infidelity, abuse - but we know that with God as our 'pilot' (not co-pilot) we made it this far!

In a few months I will go to my 50th high school reunion, and a few years later we look forward  to celebrating our 50th wedding we await the next 50 years of life.  What will it bring - how much will things change - we can't answer these questions but we do know that the best years of our lives are yet to come! 
Mary Post Warren
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  1. Congratulations - 46 years together is something to be really proud of! My husband and I often joke that we are still together because we're too ornery for anyone else to put up with us.

  2. Love it... You guys were so young! Can no wait until 50! We will all celebrate