Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I haven't blogged much this past week mainly because I'm on a mad dash to finish up my #1 goal for 2010.  I know I've still got 8 1/2 months to finish up but, hey, I'm anal! Ask anyone who knows me!  When I start a project I work until it's finished.  And this goal was a HUGE goal in my eyes.  What is it you ask?  Well............

My #1 goal for 2010 was to scan and digitally organize 46 years of photos plus my childhood photos (another 20 years) plus my parents photos that I inherited.  So far I've scanned over 3500 photos....I've got about 1000 to the rate I've been going I figure I should have this completed by the end of this month!

One thing that made it a little easier was the fact that all my pictures for the last 10-12 years were not paper but taken with a digital camera...thus subtracting a large amount from the last 46 years.

My parents photos are glued into the old photo books with pages similar to this ---------------

.....most pages can be scanned and then cropped and resized by photo.

I will finish off this job by burning all photos to CDs and then giving one to any member of the family that wants one.  I'm doing mine into a 'screen saver' and thus being able to view pictures anytime - from ancestors, to immediate family members, to extended family members - they all be on my 'computer screen'....and the best part about this is I'll be able to add photos as to the program as a new member joins our family.

So I am eternally THANKFUL that this chore did not take nearly as long as I thought it would and that it is almost done!

(P.S. any feedback on whether people would use a service like this to digitalize their photos would be's something I've been thinking about as I've scanned, and scanned, and scanned, and...........)
Mary Post Warren
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  1. I have been a scanning fool the last couple of years, so I know how you feel scanning so much. Awesome you are almost complete! I wish I could say I was.