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Memories of Yost and Martha Schrock - part 5

Bessie Schrock Sherck was the first daughter of Elias and Nancy (Hoover) Schrock.  She was born on October 18, 1883.

Bessie Sherck Memories:

As I remember grandpa and grandma's home I think of an ideal Christian home.

A home where the grandchildren were always made welcome.  Many times I remember as I walked up the lane to the front gate grandmother would be there to meet me.  I remember staying there one week to help out while Aunt Sarah went on a vacation.  Each evening we had family worship.  I still can hear grandpa pray in Dutch, although I could not understand many words.  I knew he was sincere by the way he prayed and lived after he prayed.

I remember, too, the big cantelopes they had and it was there I learned to eat them cut up with sugar and cream.  And the old milk house where the good fried cheese and fresh butter were kept.  The long trip she had to take to get them.  I remember the old orchard with the snow apples and I can still see grandmother quilting for the children and grandchildren.  I can almost hear grandpa coming up the road humming gospel hymns as he drove the old horse.  All in all, it is their ideal Christian home that has been a highlight in my life.

(Editors Note:  I am not positive but I think 'Aunt Sarah' is Yost Schrock's sister born September 10, 1834.  The only other Sarah I could find in my genealogy program is Sarah (Miller) Schrock who was Yost Schrock's mother and therefore Bessie's great-grandmother.

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