Sunday, June 12, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History - Clothes

Our challenge for this week:  Clothes - What types of clothes did you wear as a child? What was “in fashion” and did your style compare?

I went to private there were no if, ands, or buts about what we was all picked out for us.  Everyone wore the same thing, bought from the same place.  Boys wore dark blue corduroy pants with a white shirt and leather-type shoes, girls wore the same uniform that all the other girls wore - sometimes it differed year by year.  I can remember wearing all matching uniforms with saddle shoes, and then there's this picture of me in a jumper style uniform.  I use to hate all being clones - but I bet it made it a lot easier on the moms not to have their kids arguing with them every morning about what to wear and not wear.

In high school we wore dark skirts and white blouses....stitch down pleated, pleated, fuller skirts but not straight....and lace up shoes but NO patent leather shoes...anyone want to guess why? (don't any family give it away).  My mom made my skirts and blouses.

When we went to church on Sunday we dressed up.  A covering on our head was required by our church so hats were everywhere...I remember wearing gloves too.  Don't remember what we wore to play in....probably something easy like pedal pushers and a blouse.  I don't remember ever wearing jeans...maybe we did though, but they'd have been hard for mom to make so I doubt it.

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