Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer vs. Spring

The first full day of Summer, I love it! Being California born and raised and having lived there (for 50 years), and raising our family there, I had really come to appreciate the summers....easy days, kids were home from school, a lot of running them around to dance lessons, soccer practice, baseball games, trips to the beach, camping...days long gone, but still with me in my heart. California had almost perfect weather - if you'd leave out the earthquakes and the high prices I'd say it's one of the most perfect places to live.

After retirement we moved to Arizona, in the early '90s where youngest son was in college, then we moved again in the late '90s for a stint in Las Vegas, and now we're back in Arizona. Life is good - we are fairly close to 2 of the kids, and within driving distance of son #1.  Our 'adopted' son lives in Wisconsin and thus we seldom see him but do keep in touch.

Summer in Arizona brings beautiful sunsets, awesome desert landscape, and wild and crazy heat and rain.  The heat can be brutal and mix that with the monsoons you've got a double whammy.  It was 109 today, tomorrow is 113.....fortunately the 'dew point' is down at only 21% (it needs to be at 55% to bring on the monsoons), so it's a dry heat for the time being. 

Spring brings flowers, home grown vegetables, and 80 degree weather.  Summer brings HOT (over 100+), dead plants, and lots of time on my hands. 

Summer is GREAT but I think I like Spring best in these autumn days of my life.

Mary Post Warren
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