Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Frustration with Blogger Issues

Is anyone else getting frustrated with the blogger format?  I've had nothing but trouble with it for several months and am giving some serious thought to moving to another format.  I hate doing this because last time I had to make a major change I lost half my followers (probably people who didn't keep up with me anyway).

Anyway first I lost all my pictures in my blog...this was going back a year and a half...I have them uploaded in Picasa (which is suppose to be blogger compatible) and the pictures were all still in Picasa but it took me several weeks to re-upload them to each individual post.  Now, and for the last several weeks, I cannot post comments using my google account.  I keep typing into blogger my google account id and password but it keeps flipping back to the log-in screen - funny it works with e-mail ok. I can post comments if I use my name and url but that gets to be a pain in the tush.

I'm also trying to connect Amazon Associates to my blog and have been unable to do it.  This one may be my problem but maybe not....who knows.

All this has gone on since the blogger outage a couple months ago - I'm so FRUSTRATED...thus I've not been blogging or replying to others posts as much as I would like. 

Has anyone else encountered these problems?  What blogging format do you suggest?

Mary Post Warren
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  1. Mary,

    I feel your pain. I had this exact conversation this morning which was prompted by a problem with posting a photo for Wordless Wednesday. Though I will admit to having Wordpress thoughts, I'm sticking with Blogger. I've got too much time and energy invested in Blogger, and I suspect that the problems will resolve themselves when the Blogger people finish with all of their tweaking/updates.

    As for the comment thing, I figured out that I can comment and not remain "Anonymous" if I log in to Blogger with Chrome rather that IE. I also check the Blogger help discussion boards when there is a problem. People will often share work-around solutions. Usually I'm not the only person experiencing a problem. Misery loves company.

    Good luck!

  2. This is such a scary post to me, probably because I've never backed up any of my blog. Oh, to lose it all!!!! (I guess I better get on it, huh?) I've used only blogger since I began and do occasionally have little problems. Sometimes I think the problems are "mine" and not "blogger's" problems. Today I signed in using IE and found that when I tried to comment, it kept sending me back to the sign-in screen. I finally signed in with Firefox and didn't have any more problems.

    I'm sorry you've lost so much. Technology is so great when it's working right, and such a horrible pain when it isn't! I hope your problems get resolved soon.

    And you didn't lose me as a follower when you made the change a while ago but I didn't notice right away and became a follower again when I found you again!

  3. I have had the same issue with posting comments (even on my own blog), but I think it's only when I'm using IE at work. I use Chrome at home, and I don't recall having any problems. However, when I try to publish a comment from phone via email link, I run into the login screen cycle.

    I seriously hope they get it resolved pretty soon. It's causing me to think about switching my blog host as well.

  4. I use IE on my desktop and I've had no problems, even when the big Blogger meltdown happened I didn't lose anything. Maybe I'm lucky, and I'm sorry to hear that so many people are having problems. I'd say you need to be more vigilant about backing up your Picasa and your blog, so when these things happen you can upload it all back into Blogger. I also slurp my blog to Blurb every three months for a hardcopy. I run into some problems trying to comment or blog via my iPhone, so now I only use the iPhone for reading or checking my stats.