Monday, May 24, 2010

From My Moms Scrapbook - Lucille Rosendale/Harry Wirick

From 'My Mom's Scrapbook' - I assume Lucille Rosendale was one of my mom's friends either from school or from work in Goshen Indiana.  Lucille also had a sister, or maybe a cousin, by the name of Mary Lou.

I remember visiting Harry and Lucille Wirick in Burlingame, California in the late 1950's or maybe 1960.  I know I was in high school as I had made friends with the boy across the street, Doug. I think there was more than one visit to see them because I remember being excited to be going back (we lived in southern California). 

I do not remember meeting the Wirick's son, Jon Charles.  The birth announcement below gives no indication of year of birth unfortunately. I do not remember if they had other children.

Mary Post Warren
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