Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mom's Scrapbook - Ogle-Ramsby

 From my mother's scrapbook - Margaret Troyer Post had many friends - the Ogles/Ramsby's are from Goshen Indiana.  I don't believe we children ever met them nor do I remember mom talking about them but that was the way it was with a lot of her friends from Goshen.  She did go back for high school reunions, and had several close friends/relatives from there that she would mention.  In someways I feel like Goshen was a lifetime away from her (after marriage).  I guess kind of like I feel about my life growing up.

I do not know if the Ramsby's went on to have other children (or if they maybe have one before this son).  

Anyone know this family?  Please contact me by visiting my profile (on right) and clicking on the 'email' under my picture on left hand side.

Mary Post Warren
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