Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little Girl Lost - Tracie L Post

Today is Tracie's birthday - every birthday and oh, so many times during the year, I think of her and pray for her.  We love you Tracie and we miss you.
Tracie L Post was born May 27. She is the daughter of my youngest sister. Her father is unknown. She was raised by her mother with the support of her maternal grandparents.  My sister eventually married and went on to have other children but as she grew older Tracie always felt like a 5th wheel (as many in that situation feel/felt).  The last time we saw her was in 1987.  The below picture is from that time.

I have searched far and wide, all in vain for her - using Twitter and Facebook, writing on blogs, searching the internet.  Shortly after Hurricane Katrina I obtained an address for Tracie that was right in the middle of a suburb of New Orleans.  A list of volunteers was posted on the internet saying they would help with finding loved ones lost in the hurricane.  I e-mailed one and gave them them particulars - they were traveling from Baton Rogue but would be driving to New Orleans within the week and promised to get back to me.  The house was no longer standing, but people who used to live in the neighborhood said they remembered Tracie and had lived there but had moved out a couple years prior.  That's the last I've been able to find out.

A lot has happened in our family in the 22 years since we have seen Tracie and we all love her and miss her.  We'd love to be able to find her and reconnect.  Maybe she doesn't want to be found and that's ok.  But we'd like to at least know she's ok. 

Tracie - if by some fluke you are reading this - WE LOVE YOU - please e-mail me, go to 'profile' on front page of my blog - and click on my picture then click the e-mail link.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I wrote this post several weeks ago not knowing that this week is 'National Missing Childrens Week' ....Tracie is not a child but she was and always will be to us.  I hope this will help us find her.

Mary Post Warren
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For security and hopefully identifying purposes I have left off a couple of items that could definitely identify her.  I am hoping that she sees this post or someone who knows her sees this post and directs her to it.


  1. So sweet of you to be concerned about Tracie and to take the time to look for her. I hope that she finds this post and contacts you.

  2. Mary,
    I had tears in my eyes when I started, but the tears of joy at the end were such a blessing. Blessings to you and Tracie, Little Girl Found.

  3. TY Harriet and Joan, it has certainly been a day of ups and downs, mixed emotions and tears of joy. I can't believe this as happened.

  4. Oh my gosh, it was so heart-breaking to read this post, and I never expected to read in the comments that you had found her - wonderful news!

  5. Thanks Greta - I never expected to be posting the results under the comments...everything happened so fast once I posted this. It's hard to believe that after all this time of searching she just 'appeared' I'm still on a major high! My hubby said he was so concerned about me this afternoon because I was so excited, almost too excited!

  6. What can I say??


    and, how wonderful!!