Monday, May 3, 2010

Rosalea Tullos Motzko

Rosella M. Tullos (Tulles) married Philipp Martin Motzko Jr. on June 30, 1937 in Vallejo, California.

In the 1950's we visited them a couple times but I do not remember any particulars on these visits.  I just remember that while on vacation we would stop to see them.  They lived at 516 Marin Street in Vallejo California.  They had no children so we five children probably sat and bickered among ourselves, as we often did, or maybe my father took us for a walk while mom would visit her Uncle Philipp and Aunt Rosalea. 
The girl in the picture with the Motzkos is yet to be identified.  I've eliminated my siblings.  She may be a cousin (I have a couple of cousins that were this age at the time the picture was taken) or she may be a neighbor child (which I doubt as I have another picture with this girl in it).

Philipp worked for the Mare Island Shipyard, as far as I know Rosella was a housewife.  When he retired they moved to Paradise, California (in the foothills of N. California's Sierra Nevada Mountains). 

One thing I always found interesting about Rosella is that her maiden name of Tulles/Tullos is so close to the spelling of my mother's best friend Dorothy's husband George Tullis.  I remember asking mom if they were related and she said they were not.

No death date for Rosella Tullos Motzko; Philipp died in December 20, 1979.

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  1. Interesting. I had an aunt and uncle who lived in Vallejo and he worked at Mare Island shipyard too - probably about the same time.