Thursday, September 30, 2010

Monthly Events - October

I received idea from Tonia of  Tonia's Roots....she does this daily, I'm going to do it monthly. Events of our family and our ancestors - birth-dates, marriages, deaths will be listed each month for that month. (Those currently living will not have their last name nor full dates posted).

October 4, 1941 Marriage of Hays C. Post and Margaret Troyer Post (Santa Barbara Mission)
October 13, 19-- Robert (youngest son) - Birthday
October 16, 19-- David (nephew) - Birthday
October 18, 19-- John and Kim (son-in-law/beautiful daughter) - Anniversary
October 24, 1936 - Lucie Hays Coulter (great-grandmother born 1861) - Death
October 25, 19-- Barbara (sister-in-law) - Birthday
October 27, 1947 - Orvey Jermain Post (grandfather born 1886) - Death
October 31, 19-- John (son-in-law) - Birthday

This list is by no means complete - it's a project in the workings.  Watch for it on the first of each month.

Mary Post Warren
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