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Super Sunday Sisters - Margaret and Dorothy Troyer

Margaret Elizabeth Troyer (older girl) and Dorothy Helen Troyer (Dorothy was named after her cousin Dorothy Helen Herman born approximately 1905, died, approximately 1910 at the age of  5 years) were the only children of Elmer and Mary (Motzko) Troyer.  Margaret was born June 16, 1909 and Dorothy was born April 5, 1913.  Since both their parents came from large families I'm sure it seemed odd to have such a small family...but the small family atmosphere is what made Margaret and Dorothy so close.

The picture to the right was found in mom's scrapbook...and although it is not identified I am almost positive it is Margaret and Dorothy - the blond hair on the older girl, the little bit of darker hair on the younger girl and the age difference seems to fit the picture above.  Was this for Halloween they were dressed like this?  Or maybe it was for a school costume party? Then again they could be dressed in play outfits that mom and dad gave them for Christmas or Birthday gifts?  Or maybe outfits that their mom just made them for fun?   I wish I knew the real story behind them.

Family Picture taken in 1929 - right to left - Elmer, Mary, Margaret, and Dorothy Troyer.  Taken at their home on 10th Street in Goshen Indiana.

Dorothy Helen Troyer married William Oliver Haines in 1934.  You can read more on their family by following link above.  Dorothy's best friend (her sister) Margaret stood up for her at the ceremony.

Dorothy and Margaret stayed close during their married lives...they lived within  walking distance (a few blocks) in Pomona California. They raised their large families together - Dorothy had 1 son, 3 daughters; Margaret had 2 sons, 3 daughters.  Dorothy outlived Marget by about 17 years dying in April 2004;  Margaret died in September 1987.

Read more about each of them by clicking on the links in the first paragraph above.

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