Friday, September 17, 2010

Scrapbook Saturday - Moms Scrapbook

Page 8

1. Dorothy 1926 (Troyer)
2. no writing underneath but it's Margaret Troyer
3. Dorothy 1926 (Troyer)
4. no writing - Dorothy & Margaret Troyer
5. Eliz. & Eleanor 1926    
  6. Baby George (Ketchum)

Pictures probably taken in Goshen, Indiana 

Mary Post Warren
© copyright 2010, all rights reserved


  1. Wonderful photos Mary! Thanks for coming by. Took your advice and added captions to all of my photos. Turned out great.

    A good portion of my family is also from Indiana. None so far from the Goshen area, but hey, you never know!

    Have a great week--

  2. Your mom did a good job by writing the names and dates under the photographs. What a help to you.