Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Not So!

This was suppose to be a Wordless Wednesday but it got out of hand! :)

I recently came across this photo with my sister's family photos.  It is my dad but nothing indicates what year this was taken/where it was taken/or how old dad was at the time it was taken.  I thought at first that the object in his arms was a pumpkin and that he was in or near a pumpkin patch.  But upon closer look I'm not sure that's the case. I'm 'assuming' this picture was taken somewhere in Los Angeles CA since that is where he was born and raised.  I don't think he lived out of Los Angeles county his entire 74 years. The background of the broken fence, the scraps of wood, the overgrown bushes does not make this an appealing (to me) place to be.

It is probably fall as the trees are leafless.   Anyone have any thoughts on the picture?

I LOVE his cap, overalls, and boots...

Mary Post Warren
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  1. It appears that he is holding some type of a melon, maybe a honeydew? The area looks like his little garden space behind the old shed. The tree might be dead and not depicting fall time. He looks so cute in his clothes. His face is beaming as he is showing off his gardening skills. Really nice photo!

    Thanks so much for the visits and nice comments about my stories. Your support really means alot.

  2. At first I thought he was holding a basketball but because of the shadow of a line in it, I think it must be some kind of melon. You didn't say what year he was born so it's hard to say a year but I think his age looks like he could be between 10 and 12... maybe.... Because of the large leaves on the "tree" I wonder if it was some kind of tall flower, maybe a sunflower? Your dad was a very good-looking boy!