Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Simple Pleasures - Flowers

I was thinking the other day about flowers from my childhood.  My mother loved flowers and would often take an afternoon off from raising five teens to go to the Arboretum and Botanic Gardens in Arcadia, California to just walk around and 'calm her frazzled nerves' as she used to say.  In Phoenix we have the 'Desert Botanical Gardens'.  I've never been there, or any Arboretum for that matter, that I can remember.  One of these cool fall evenings I'd like to do so...seems like a wonderful place to just 'chill out' after a long hot day.

Roses on Southridge
I remember mom used to grow flowers at our homes in both Los Angeles and Pomona, California.  Snapdragons, Sweet Peas, and Roses were the ones I specifically remember but I'm sure there must have been many more.  When my husband and I lived in Long Beach, CA and in Las Vegas, NV we had Roses, that were planted by previous owners, that bloomed every year.  It amazed me that I didn't have to do a thing. They'd look so nasty during the winter and I'd want to pull them out, but come early spring they popped right out again and would last until it got cold again.  We also had Impatiens in Long Beach.

Southridge Flowers
Another flower that adorned our back yard in Las Vegas were the ones on the right.  I'm not even sure what kind of flower they are - maybe Irises?  I loved having them and the roses above with no hassle!
Zucchini Plant

We tried to use our little garden in back of our condo here in Phoenix, Arizona to grow some vegetables this year...we got beautiful plants but no veggies off them....rather disappointing.  It was my first attempt at gardening so maybe next year it will work.

My very favorite flowers are Impatiens, Sunflowers, and Daisy's.

Mary Post Warren
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  1. The iris(?) is just gorgeous and sunflowers are a favorite of mine too.

  2. "Thankful Thursday" - what a great prompt! I do believe the purple flowers are irises. Used to have some but they died out - nasty clay soil. I love flowers too - thanks for sharing your lovely pictures and memories.