Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Memories of Griswolds

While recently searching on-line for a large family gathering that I, in a VERY weak moment, volunteered to organize I found a picture (postcard) of a place that brings back many memories.  Griswold's is was located in Claremont, California.

Griswold's was the place of many of our family gatherings, both large and small, over the years and I thought WOW this would be great for get-together - but alas it's not to be - like all good things it's gone the way of the years and closed down in 1998.  They had a charming little pastry shop as you walked in the front door. They had regular dining as well as banquet rooms.

Griswold's is was located in Claremont, in southern California.  Not far from Route 66 it was a quick stop for truckers and also a favorite stop for tourist and/or locals for many years.

A little history behind it is that George Griswold and his family arrived in Claremont about 1915.  Here they began cultivating the land and using the already abundant fruit trees to make candid fruit and preserves.  Starting with a small gift shop they sold these to travelers who then sent them home.  The legacy of Griswold's continued even through several owners and their expanding the business.  Griswold's finally went Smorgasbord with a dinner theater.

In 1998, after years of scaling down the restaurant eventually was sold in a trustee's sale.  The building was leveled and Griswold's was left a memory for many after 80+ years.

Now after an afternoon trip down memory lane I'm still at a loss as where to hold our holiday get-together. So I'm back to work!

Mary Post Warren
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  1. Thanks fore sharing. I use to live in Claremont, but Griswolds was long gone by then. I do remember it as a child, though.