Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Knotts Berry Farm Pictures - 23 Years Later

Living in southern California most of my life a trip to Knotts Berry Farm was something fairly common and no big deal.  Knotts Berry Farm has changed A LOT since this picture was taken in 1946.  It use to be just shops, a couple of eating places, a picnic area, and maybe a couple of kids rides.  I'd put the kids in strollers and just wander through the shops.

Recently I've been scanning all family photos - I'm done with the pictures of our kids and us (46 years worth) and now I've started on pictures of me growing up with my brothers and sisters.  When done with these I've got a photo album of my moms...and a couple from my dads younger days.

It was really fun when I came across this picture of my brother (Jim) and me at Knotts Berry Farm (stamped on the back it said 'reprints 15¢, 2 for 25¢').  As I was scanning it I remembered scanning one a couple months previously of two of our children in this same setting.  I found it - filed neatly in my 1969 folder in "My Picture" section of the computer.  Love having these organized like this.

The one on the right was taken in July of 1969.  That's my Billy and Kimi!  I wonder if it's the exact same wagon that Jim and I sat on 23 years previously.  I wonder too if this same picture setting is available today.   I'm amazed at the difference in the quality of the picture.

I had a really hard time scanning the second picture.  I kept getting an error message saying that I did not have enough memory (now I know my memory is dying with age but come on, how did my scanner know that?).  Seriously, I closed all programs, I rebooted my computer, I did everything I could think of but 'no dice'.  I took it to Kinkos today and they refused to scan it saying that it was copyrighted.  So I brought it home and tried it one last time on my scanner and it worked!  Amazing - I did nothing different!  Anyone know why this would happen?  And how long does a copyright last? I also took another picture that was taken in 1920s/1930s and they would not scan it either, same reason.

Mary Post Warren
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  1. Mary, these are wonderful! I think I remember seeing a photo of Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner with their children with the very same Knott's Berry Farm background. I wonder how many people have shared that experience with their families? What a wonderful piece of both family and area history!

  2. We are related to that family so I am told. told by Verl Matthew. either his or the Nahnsen group.