Monday, March 8, 2010

Tuesday Talkings

Busy time this past weekend!  My sister Martha and hubby Gerry were here from California visiting and we had an AWESOME time.  Eating out at Red Robin on Friday night, eating out Saturday noon at Mimi's Cafe with our 1st cousin, once removed.  Bernie is not only a great cousin to meet and eat with and she's a really nice person too!  Plus she's BEAUTIFUL as you can tell by the picture.  She is the 3rd child of Leo and Hilary....Hilary being my 1st cousin and the daughter of Bill and Dorothy Haines.

After catching up on each other we said our goodbyes/see-you-laters to Bernie; Howard, Gerry, Martha and I were all off to Kim and John's housewarming party.  And then back to our house for some going through and helping to identify old pictures party, and eating again....this time pizza!  Kim and John showed up later and we all sat and talked about life in general, and how things were stuff.

Sunday was more eating, this time at Jason's Deli....personally I'm STUFFED, tired, and overall pooped-out!.  I got a lot of pictures ID'd with Martha's help so it was a very productive  but tiring weekend in which I ate too much food, and had way more fun than I've had in a LONG time! 
Mary Post Warren
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  1. Mary--It looks like you all had a wonderful time catching up and "eating" but what are family reunions for after all right? Thanks for sharing.