Sunday, March 21, 2010

Zion National Park


As winter 2010 has quickly made way for spring and summer 2010 I think back on a trip we made a couple of years ago, while living in Nevada.  Howard and I had the pleasure of going to Zion National Park. It was late April or early May. It's hard to believe that this beautiful area was so close to home (just a 90 mile drive up the interstate into Utah)...we stayed in a 'lodge' just outside the park and then took the free bus tour through the park.  There is camping in the park but many areas are inaccessible by vehicle (except on the bus to drive by).  The day (and nights) were awesome with the highs near 80 and the lows in the 60s.  The temps in the 'valley' (i.e. home) were already starting to top the 100 degree mark.  We saw many mountain climbers working their ways up the side of the mountain, natural wild flowers in bloom, and water falls trickling down the sides of the mountains.

Now that we are in Arizona we plan on day trips/or overnights to such beautiful places as Sedona, Flagstaff, Williams (where there's a train trip one can take to the Grand Canyon, with the option of spending the night and coming back the next day).  We've also got the 'white mountains' just east of us ....just as pretty in different ways, plenty of camping and a tad bit closer.

I pray these lands will still be around for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren to enjoy with their children.

The pictures below were taken at Zion, from the deck of our the sun rose over the mountain.


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  1. WOW! I have never been to Arizona or Utah, but those are two places I would very much like to see one day. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.