Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Family Close By

We  recently moved back to Phoenix.  We are enjoying being close to family again.  Our daughter and her husband live here also. I'm thankful for the times we send together as 'friends' instead of parent/child. 

Last week Kim and I went to get pedicures....the next day we celebrated her birthday with John's family by going to dinner at 'Tee-Pee's' (a Mexican restaurant).  Some weeks we go shopping together.

Kim and her dad go to spring training ball games, movies, etc together.  Howard goes over and helps them with yard work. 
     This weekend Kim and John are holding an 'open house' to show off the home they just purchased to family and friends.  My sister and her husband are coming from California.

Life is good....we didn't realize how much we had missed this part of family.

Mary Post Warren
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