Friday, January 29, 2010


Before you today I bring not one, not two, not three but four young men for your consideration. Each of these four men, some handsome, some not so, has been Missing-in-Action for over 110+ years (these last known pictures below are all dated 1890's). They were all last seen in North Dakota, or thereabouts.  This probably relates them somehow to the Motzko family (maybe by blood relationship, maybe not).  The biggest problem is no one seems to know who saw them last. They all have some commonalities; they all have their own little peculiarities. 

Man  #1 (to your left) is our first unlikely suspect and seems to be in his 40's, tall of stature,with a mustache and very well dressed, he seems to carry a 'well appointed' pocket watch with him at all times. His last place of residence was Grand Forks.

Our next suspects (who may or may not be brothers)...are two good-looking 'boys' probably in their mid-thirties. The one on the left wears a sheriffs badge...but wait on second thought - IS that a sheriffs badge? Or could it be a badge denoting membership in the Masons, Elks, or some other fraternal organization? They stick together - like glue to paper. Where one goes, the other goes. Last seen in Grand Forks ND.North Dakota. 

Our 4th unlikely suspect is a young man - 20's or 30's, well dressed.   I suspect he was the 'ring leader' of this motly crew as he looks so innocent!  Looks to be he'd have all the young ladies drooling over him. Surprise of surprise...he's also from Grand Forks North Dakota.

It is so rumored that these four men were last seen playing poker and watching the dancing gals down at Joe-Bob's Dance hall one Saturday night...a small scuffle insued outside the 'dance hall' as the party was breaking up for the night - and when the sheriff rode up - the four took off like 'bats outta hell' - all running in different directions - and all never to be seen again! Anyone have any clues as to how we might round-up these guys?
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Mary Post Warren
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Disclaimer: The story is completely fiction…made up in the mind of the writer. The search for the four men is still on though…four unnamed young men searching for identity.

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  1. Boy o boy, I hope you find info on these MIAs. I inherited a boxful of MIAs, so perhaps I will take my lead from you and start posting MIAs. Good Luck!