Friday, January 22, 2010

Dorothy Troyer Haines

Dorothy Troyer (b. 4/5/1913 in Modesto CA; d. 4/19/2004; buried: Holy Cross Cemetery, Pomona CA) was the second daughter of Elmer and Mary Motzko Troyer.  She was the granddaughter of Philipp and Maria Motzko (Polish/German immigrants).  She had one sister Margaret Troyer Post (my mother).

Dorothy Troyer married William Oliver Haines (b.6/17/1906; d. 6/19/1992; buried: Holy Cross Cemetery, Pomona CA) on July 6, 1935; Bill and Dorothy Haines had four children Hilary, Emily, Sylvia and William Jr.

Dorothy was very close to her sister Margaret.  For much of their married lives they lived in the same city, Pomona California, within a few blocks of each other.  As a teenager I can remember walking to my aunt Dorothy's home.  I also remember walking to my grandfather's (mom and aunt Dorothy's dad) home.  In retirement years (as well as before retirement) Bill, Dorothy, Margaret and Hays spent much traveling and camping together.

Bill and Dorothy's family grew to include 21 grandchildren.  The two Troyer girls had 38 grandchildren between them.  A family solidly bound by family relationships and their love of God living in small town California (in those days! not anymore).

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