Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Margaret Troyer Post

Margaret Troyer (b. June 16,1909 Boise Idaho; d. September 18, 1987 Pomona CA; buried in Holy Cross Cementery).  She was the daughter of Elmer and Mary Troyer, and the granddaughter of Philipp and Maria Motzko (Polish/German immigrants). She had one younger sister Dorothy Troyer Haines.

Margaret Troyer married Hays Coulter Post (b. February 15, 1913 Venice California; d. February 25, 1987, Pomona CA; buried in Holy Cross Cemetery) on October 4, 1941.  They had five children - James Joseph, Mary Dana, Martha Lucille, Hays Christopher, and Susan Dorothy.  She also had 16 grandchildren.

Margaret was a newspaper reporter in Goshen, Indiana as well as Culver City (California) Star News for several years before she married.  Once she had children she gave up her career to become what today is called a SAHM (stay-at-home mom). 

One of mom's favorite hobbies was genealogy and I can remember her mailing off letters to different state and county recorders in search of information.  In my parents retirement years they would take their camper and travel to different areas to research additional information, visit cemeteries, or check out a town that would come up in her research - obscure places like Bermidji MN and Uvaldi TX.   This was before the internet...how much easier things have become...how amazed she would be to see the difference.  She left me a myriad of information to carry on the hobby.

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