Monday, January 25, 2010

Lucie Hays

Lucie Hays was born in December 1862 in Frankfort, Kentucky. She was the daughter of A.F.(?) HAYS (1825 – Kentucky). His father was born in Virginia and mother in Kentucky (no other stats on these 3 people at this time).

Lucie Hays married William D. Coulter (approx 1877) in Texas. He died when Lucie was 26 years old. They had 4 children Camillius (male) born in 1881; Bess born 4/12/1883; Harriett born 6/1885; and Haysel 2/1886.

 After William Coulter's death Lucie began supporting her family by making costumes and clothes for a number of light opera companies. She eventually went to work for Universal Studios in 1915. From there she went to Triangle Studios (better known today as Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer or MGM) working in their wardrobe department. She dressed many stars from Jeanette McDonald to Lon Chaney to Mary Pickford. She was called "Mother" by many of the stars - and was considered "Queen" of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Lucie Hays Coulter died in 1936 in Los Angeles California. At the time of her death she had 4 grandchildren, as well as several great-grandchildren.  She was affectionately called 'GrannyGreat' by her grandchildren....what a Great nickname for a great woman!

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  1. thanks Jeannie - I had discovered that information recently. Lucy's family is so much easier to find than her son-in-law Orvey (my grandfather)! Appreciate your help!