Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Question of the Day...

My new years resolution this year was/is to scan all my photos and save them to a disk so that my children will each have copies of all pictures.  The biggest issue I've run into with this is - what the heck does one do with all the originals?  I had told myself I was going to throw them out.  But, alas, as my waste basket got fuller and fuller I just could not get the heart to take them to the trash can....I've picked out dozens of them that I think I should keep 'just in case'.  And I still have not emptied the waste basket because I'm thinking about 'do I REALLY want to do this'.

As silly as it may sound I have visions of 100 years from now people looking for something in a land-fill and finding literally hundreds of my photos (maybe 1000's).  These people will then be wondering whose family is this? what happened to them? Stranger things have happened.

I love my digital camera....YEAH no more paper pictures unless I want them. The last 10 years of pictures have been taken with a digital. Seldom did I need to print one out, if someone wanted a copy I'd e-mail it to them and they could print it.   Not only is it easier this way but it also does not take up as much room as boxes of photos.  I've noticed digital cameras are also great because they are all time-stamped.  Who ever invented that idea was a real genius!  Soooo, I guess my question of the day is to those who are in this same process of scanning pictures - what do you do with your printed pictures?

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