Saturday, January 16, 2010

Philipp and Maria Motzko Family Recap

(note: picture is dated 1896 two children are missing - Frances and Philipp Jr. had not been born yet)

Well, I finally finished the Philipp and Maria Motzko family!  All posts are in my 2010 blogroll.  Next week I will move forward with the grandchildren of  Philipp and Maria.  Doing my postings on the Motzko family I was surprised to see there were not more grandchildren... 

  1. Catherina had one child Raymond Herman
  2. Johanna had no children
  3. Mary had two children, Margaret Troyer (Post) and Dorothy Helen Troyer (Haines)
  4. Hattie had three children John W. Gleason, Thomas J. Gleason, Mary Ellen Gleason (Normoyle)
  5. Theresa had one child Rena Marie Olsen (Coelho)
  6. Frank had one child Helen Bernice (Kaufman)
  7. Thomas no children (to my knowledge)
  8. John had no children (to my knowledge)
  9. Frances had four children: Susan (Martin Grier), Nola (George Grier), Louis, William
10. Philipp Jr had no children (to my knowledge)

I also found it interesting that each child was born almost exactly two years apart.  I cannot imagine 20 years of being pregnant and/or nursing.  On the other hand if Philipp and Maria had not spent 20 years having children there would be a lot of people not here today....including possibly myself and my children.

It's been a pleasure to research these people.  There is much information still missing although I am still researching.  Special thanks to those who helped gather this information - specifically Greg Gleason (grandson of Hattie), the amount of information he provided is worth its weight in gold.  My mother and her sister (daughters of Mary) also left me a rich inheritance of diaries and photos.  Irreplaceable information.

I truly feel blessed to be a part of the Motzko family.  
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 Mary Post Warren


  1. Aunt Mary - I love reading all the info. and seeing such great pictures. I look forward to learning more about what you've put together!

  2. oh Wendy, I'm so glad! I remember you hanging over your Grandma Post when she would diligently work on her family...much of the info I have is a legacy she left me. Don't you think she'd me in awe of the internet?

  3. Just a typo...... Hattie's youngest, Mary Ellen married Bob NORMOYLE. She still lives in Catonsville, MD.

  4. Thanks Greg (Anonymous)for the correction - but I still think I'm confused on Hattie...I will e-mail you.